Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tiffany Tagged Me:

Tiffany tagged me... So I decided that since I just woke up (yes at 1:00 PM! I slept 11 hours last night! better than the 5 hours a night I've been maintaining all last week!) So I figured I would go ahead and do it before I start studying for the day...

My life isn't too random right now.... it's pretty much routine... but I'll attempt to write 6 random things about myself... So Here Goes....

1.) I am addicted to caffeine. I'm beginning to realize more and more how much I honeslty need to cut back.. but with only getting 5 hours a sleep a night (as I mentioned before) it's seriously hard to stay awake in class, and work, and THEN STUDY ALL NIGHT with out caffeine. But, for Matt's sake and having me around for a long time... I'm trying to cut back some. Little by little. Diet Coke and Pumpkin Spice Lattes though.... ahh....

2.) I like to clean. Yesterday, my "me time" that I hadn't had in about 2 weeks... was spent CLEANING. It needed to be done... otherwise my "me time" would have been a much needed NAP, but I was beginning to not be able to walk in my small cubicle of a dorm room. It doesn't take much unorganization to make this small room look like a disaster. Anyways... I thoroughly enjoyed my "cleaning me time!"

3.) I love this time of year. I become nostalgic and it just seems so happy! I'm so excited for next Saturday to go to the magnificent mile lights festival next weekend. It's gonna be Christmas in a big city! I have always DREAMED of going to NYC or a big city for the lighting of the Christmas tree and it's gonna happen!!!! Plus, Matt and I are gonna try to make it there to see Jason Mraz perform live FOR FREE!!!! (that's right Tara and Tiffany Newcomb! ;-) ) But I don't know if we'll make it... due to my flight.

4.) Music is my therapy. I constantly have to have music on. In the car, in my room, in the shower, walking to class (when I had an IPod)... it's just my therapy. It keeps me calm and relaxed. I love it. I love playing the piano as well. We have this ANCIENT piano in the lobby of my building and I played it last night and it felt amazing and just relaxing. I've taken lessons since I was 8 I believe... with the exception of a couple years break after graduating high school. But, I am still taking at the college level (this is my last semester...)

5.) I tried being vegetarian once. (about 2 months ago maybe?) I wish I could do it.... but eating in a cafeteria every day makes that very hard. I do want to be healthier though.... someday it'll be easier when I can cook for myself. LOL

6.) My bed is my favorite place to be in the world. I was telling Matt about this on the phone the other night. Honestly, after a long day of work and school and studying... laying in bed is just so amazing. I love having lots of blankets and fresh sheets and lots of pillows as well. I wonder if that has something to do with being all bundled up in the womb (sorry.... let me remind you that I'm in maternity nursing right now and I just studied all week for a test on being in the womb. LOL) I just love bed (obviously... I spent 11 hours in it asleep last night... and most of the day today will be in it with a book in my lap. I better change positions often so I Don't get a pressure ulcer! That'd suck!)

So there you have it. 6 random things about me. A little insight into me.... :-)

I've been thinking about who I should tag.... I know some people don't like doing this but I thought this a good chance to see who ACTUALLY reads this blog.. and decided that I'd tag some of the bloggers that I love reading about. 1. Emery from Moms are For Everyone. 2.) Ashley from Clever Blog Name Here 3.) Wishcake from simply, me 4.) Shannon from Design Gal, and her handyman 5.) Tara from T@r@dox (even though she gets this a lot...) 6.) , Shalane from You Eat Like A Girl. 7.) Last but not least, my cousin Rachelle

Hope all of you participate. I love learning random stuff about other bloggers and friends! :-)

We'll see who actually reads... LOL!


Ashley said...

You are so cute! I love this tag! I've actually done this one before, but it is always so fun to read what others come up with!!


Design Gal said...

This is a great tag! Thanks for always commenting on my blog! I'll see what I can come up with!

Tiffany said...

Yay for randomness! Love your life!