Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Day :-)

So... let me just tell you about how my day went down. But first, a little history about this past weekend...

So I spent ALL weekend in my dorm. I only went out like TWICE for maybe an hour. I studied seriously ALL weekend! Here's why: My test schedule this week was SUPPOSED to be...

Research test today. Maternity ATI test (standardized online test. BIG TEST) Tuesday. and Mental Health ATI on Friday.

on top of that.... we were supposed to have no clinicals tomorrow, but a poster presentation fair from 10a-2p. and have our ATI before that and THEN have class for 2 hours.

Thursday Clinicals for mental health.


We had our research test today. I was in full fledge STRESS OUT mode about this test because my 2 previous tests in that class were not so hot. Well... we all told her how much we were stressin'.. and she gave us a GROUP TEST!!! That's right! So we all got A's!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! I needed that so bad.

PLUS, our ATI that was supposed to be tomorrow got MOVED until Dead Week (the week after Thanksgiving break!) At first I was bummed about that because I really wanted to have no worries over break. But, I have other stuff to do over break.. so just add it to the list. Plus, I kind of needed the extra study time.

Our research poster fair for tomorrow--- CANCELLED!!!! Due to the chance of 4-8 inches of SNOW tonight!!! THAT'S RIGHT! It's SNOWING!!!! :-)

So tomorrow= FREE DAY!!! a.k.a sleep in then get work done day.

We still have our mental health ATI on Friday... but it'll be alright I think. Just gotta study the rest of the week for that!

What a good day!!! I don't know what got into our teachers but they were GREAT today!! :-) I love it when that happens!!!!!

Enough about school......

4 DAYS TIL I SEE MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!

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Design Gal said...

nice! have fun with the snow and your free day! I love me a free day!