Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year- 2010

Whoa! I can't believe it's been another decade of my life! I remember bringing in 2000 and what a big deal that felt like. I believe I was at a middle school party drinking ginger ale out of fake champagn
e glasses and singing Kiss Me at Midnight by *NSync at the top of my lungs and wishing someone would kiss me under the mistletoe. Something pretty similar to that at least...

So here we go, another decade, another year begins.

Before we move on to the future.. let's talk about the past year!

I can't believe how quickly it went! Some of the top thin
gs that happened this past year:::

1.)I got ENGAGED to my best friend in the whole world!
The night we got engaged...
One of our Engagement Pictures

2.) I went to AFRICA!

Africa was a life changing experience. I want to go back. I left a small chunk of my heart there. It was the children, the language, the lifestyle, the way they smile and rejoice in the small things even when they have NOTHING, the way they would thank me when they saw me, for merely the fact that an "mzungu"(white person) would travel from America to come see them and their lifestyle. To give them small presents that to us mean absolutely NOTHING, but to them meant the whole world!

I can see myself going back to Africa and possibly living there for an extended period. We'll see where God takes Matt and I in our future.

3.) I became domestic. This year I became really interested in cooking and baking. I love it! I can't wait for Matt and I to have our own apartment and kitchen! I'm so excited to cook dinner for him and for his friends (sometimes....)!

4.) I became an aunt again (for the 3rd time!)
Ava Noelle was born September 23, 2009! She's so adorable!

2009 was a very exciting year and a lot of very big and life changing events took place!

2010 is going to be AMAZING!!!

I honestly can't wait for it to start! I have so many things happening this year!

**I'm starting my last semester of college EVER!,
**2 of my closest friends are having babies (1 in Feb. and 1 in May)
**I am in a very close friends wedding in May
**I have 5 weddings in May and June and 1 in July (but it's in Brazil... won't be making it to that one)

Let's not leave out the best parts....


Going to Jamaica on our honeymoon the first week of August....

and moving to CHICAGO the week we get back from our honeymoon!!

It's going to be a VERY big year and so much is going to happen! I honestly CANNOT wait for it to begin!

I think this is possibly the most excited I've ever been for a New Year!

We'll see how it goes...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home for the Holidays

I'm HOME!!!!! :-) yay!!! I finished my last final at 9:45 monday morning and I was home by 11:00. haha!!! It is so good to be home. It's even better to NOT STUDY!!!!! It took awhile for it to actually hit me, but it finally has and it feels great to just relax. I have been helping take care of my grandmother. I've been staying at her house, so technically, I'm not at HOME. My grandma's is like my home though. I've grown up here. I came here everyday after school from the time I was like 4 years old. I love their house. I love all the smells of the rooms and closets and beds, I love the homey feel. Anyways, it feels great!

I've been doing a LOT of knitting. I absolutely love it. I finished my first scarf. It only took me like a month or more... haha! i worked on it a lot for like 2 weeks though really. It's mustard yellow. I made it a little wide though. Oh well, it's like a small blanket for my neck when I move to the windy city next year. haha! My next project is a charcoal grey scarf for the fiance. To go with his new coat he's hopefully getting for Christmas. haha! :-)

I can't beleive that I only have more semester left of nursing school. I am BEYOND ready to be done. 148(ish) days until graduation!!!

Matt and I have a lot of wedding planning to do over break. We have all the big things done, but we have a lot of little things to do. I have a dress fitting, we're going to go taste the food for the reception, some stationary stuff to do, etc. so many little things! SO EXCITED!!! I went and tried on my dress for my aunt and 2 cousins (they are my guestbook attendants). They loved it. This whole wedding thing still doesn't seem like a reality. I wonder when it will finally really hit me?! After graduation?! Shower?! Rehearsal? the actual day!??! haha!

Anyways, I thought I would update since I haven't been around for awhile (the last month of school was intense!)

So because I've missed like 3 Music Fridays. Here are my three favorite songs I can't get out of my head right now:::

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ray Lamontagne.... ahhh......

This is probably my favorite song of all time. I love this version too.

His voice is so raspy and good... haha! I would LOVE to see him live! I haven't got the chance yet. I"m hoping next year when I live in Chicago he will be performing there.

Matt and I are actually using one of his songs for our First Dance at our wedding. :-)

What do you think?!?!

Well... I'm leaving for the weekend. I'm off to CHAPERONE a high school youth retreat for my church. 6 high schoolers in a van. Am I OLD ENOUGH to CHAPERONE?!?! Crazy! lol. I'm sure it will be an eventful weekend.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Music Friday (or Sunday....)

Sorry, this weekend has been a little stressful for me. So this week the music I have been listening to I actually JUST discovered today. Well, I kind of discovered it awhile back when Matt and I watched the movie ONCE.

The Swell Season just came out with a new CD. Check it out. You can listen to the whole album on Pandora. Here is a little sample::

Also, yesterday was Halloween. Here's my costume::::
QUAILMAN from DOUG back in the day. It was a fun night. My friend Bria was a Hippy.

Back to studying::: more updates to come later this week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fashion Week Fail.

So, I ended up not doing the weekend Fall Fashion week thing. Last night, I ended up putting on my pajama pants, t-shirt and cardigan at 5:00pm. So, needless to say I didn't get a shot of my outfit before that.

As far as today goes, I'm not really feeling it. I'm back in Buckhannon in my dorm room and getting ready to put back on my pajama pants and t-shirt and start studying for the rest of the night.

I have 2 tests this upcoming week.

I had a GREAT weekend at home though. My mom, dad and grandma are so good to me. My mom took me shopping and out to dinner a couple times. My dad made me breakfast on Saturday morning. It's the best to wake up to the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon. My grandma helped me make my ring bearer pillow for the wedding! It's so awesome! very vintage! i love it! :-)

All in all it was a great and much needed weekend at home. Only 28 days until I get to see Matt again! SO much work to do before then! This semester is going to FLY by here at the end I do believe! Thank goodness! haha!!

Sorry for the fall fashion week fail.

I LOVED it! It was so fun to see everyone's outfits and get some new style ideas. Also, made some new blog friends I do believe!

Well... off to the library with coffee mug in hand!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY FIVE & MUSIC FRIDAY

Well, today has been a rainy, cold and dreary day. So I went to my grandma's and we made my ring bearer pillow! :-) For my wedding I'm doing a lot of things myself. I'm really excited about it!!! It turned out really cute. No pictures yet... gotta wait until the day! hehe!!!

Tonight we're going to attempt to go to the WVU Homecoming Parade... I say attempt because it's raining and cold and we may end up not making it there and just going out to dinner.

Here's what I'm wearing today::

*sorry for the blur... I don't know what happened?!*
Hat:: Forever 21
Grey Cardigan:: F21
Red T-shirt:: Target

Tie Belt:: from a bunch of tie's my mom's boss donated to my dad. I stole some!! HAHA!
Skinny Jeans:: F21 (my favorite jeans!)
Boots:: Blowfish. I absolutely LOVE their boots. I have 2 pairs. I think I am going to be ordering a couple more to prepare myself for the wintery weather of Chicago to come next year! HAHA!

So there you have it. Day Five! I'm carrying my fall fashion week on until Sunday! Join in the fun!!!

Also, I am thinking about starting something new on my blog. Seeing as though I LOVE music. I am thinking about doing "Music Friday's" where I put a song or youtube video of a song on my blog of what I'm listening to right now. I think the 3 people that read my blog on a regular basis should also join in... it's always fun to see what other people are listening to. You never know, maybe somebody will play something that you fall in love with!!!

To start it off here is this week's "MUSIC FRIDAY" song::

It won't let me embed the actual video. So this is what you get::

I am loving this song recently. I love Amos Lee's voice. For some reason, in fall and winter my music selection usually consists of burly, bearded men singers (Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice, Amos Lee, Iron & Wine) so you'll probably be seeing a lot of those, but I will try to throw in some others.

If you care to join in Music Friday, post a comment and let me know!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY FOUR!!!!

Today has been a great day! I went to lunch with my mom and brother. Got some delicious boneless wings. Then went to Michael's crafts with my grandma and got some mustard yellow yarn to start knitting my scarf! :-) I love that my mom taught me to knit! It is a lot of fun and a nice relaxing pass time.

Anyways... then I went and got part of my bridesmaid gifts for the wedding! :-)

Here's what I wore today:::
Black Jacket:: Thrifted
Grey Sweatshirt material dress:: F21
Tights:: Gabe's
Shoes:: Black Ballet flats (I have no idea where they're from because I've had them for like 4 years)Scarf::: I LOVE this scarf. I got it at a little shop in AFRICA! I wear it a lot.

I am so sad tomorrow is the last day of Fall Fashion week!!! :-( I might just have to continue on with it.. haha! It's been a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY THREE!!!!

FALL BREAK!!!! I have Thursday and Friday off and the weekend of course. So I just made it home this evening, had a homemade dinner with my parents and now I'm going to do some homework and relax a little bit.

So, here is what I wore today...

As you can see, I can use my parents nice camera since I am at home now and can take more "artistic" pictures. haha!
So here is today's outfit. It was INCREDIBLY beautiful here today. 71 degrees and on the ride home I had all the windows down blaring some john mayer and imogen heap. :-) The leaves are BEAUTIFUL!

Jeans:: I love these grey skinny jeans. They're delia's sale rack! :-)
Vest:: The navy blue vest is from Urban Outiftters. I love it. I got it this summer on the sale rack and I wear it quite frequently!
T-Shirt:: Hanes HIS Way! hehe!!
Shoes:: of course, the glittery ballet flats
Hat:: I bought the hat for my Africa trip. I actually forgot I had it until I saw it in my closet today and decided it was a perfect day for it.

I actually started out my morning with a yellow cardigan, but because it was so warm I decided to get rid of it and save that for later cooler fall weather! ;-)

Here are some others that are participating... you should check them out!!

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Every Path. (The originator of this awesome idea!)
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Marla @ Today is Mine. Tomorrow is not my Business. (You must see her dress- it's to DIE for!)
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Comment and let me know if you are not on the list and are joining in the fun! ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY TWO!!

Well, I managed to wake up and get motivated to look cute today. Even though it's my day off, it's not going to be so lazy! I need to go run some errands and get some work done in the library.

So, if you have no idea why I am posting this, see the previous post or go HERE !

This cream color dress is probably one of my oldest and most worn pieces of clothing that I own. I absolutely love it. I wear it almost year round! (sorry the picture isn't the greatest)

My shoes are gold, sequince (spelling) ballet flats that I wear practically every day. They're from F21.

The jacket is from Urban Outfitters (but I got it's at Gabe's!! hehe!)

It's a little warmer today going up to 65 degrees. So this is a perfect little fall outfit for a warmer fall day spent running errands and doing some homework.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY ONE!

So, my favorite blogger, Emery, over at Moms Are For Everyone is doing a fall fashion week started by THIS GIRL. and seeing as though I do love fall clothes I decided I would join in the fun!!

The plan is to take a picture of your fall attire every day this week (the 19th-23rd).

Here is Day One::(I had to use my webcam, so it took me forever to get a decent shot, sorry about that!)
I LOVE big plaid shirts in the fall. This is a man's Large shirt from Goodwill that I found. It's a little big, but I'm loving it on this 54 degree fall day.

Skinny jeans are my favorite. I hardly ever wear any other type of jean these days. I think I only have 1 pair of flares left actually. I think skinny jeans make me feel "skinnier" which is amazing... hehe!

This knit Barret hat is my absolute favorite. I wear it too much probably. I have about 3 of them. I am probably going to acquire one in every color before this winter is over. Love them! :-)

So there you have it! Day One! Tomorrow is a lazy day off for me, so we'll see if I manage to throw on anything cute! haha!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am so ready for this study weekend to be over and for it to be Tuesday! Matt flies in Tuesday night for his fall break! :-) I haven't seen him in almost 2 months! Whew!

So excited to have a date with my fiance!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

23 years.

I am 23 years old today.

My dad asked me this morning "Do You feel old?!" I thought about it for a second and replied "yeah! actually I kind of do". I really feel like I am growing up. I feel like 23 years OLD is appropriate. I do feel like of "mature" and like I'm REALLY and adult now. Even though I am still in college, I feel like I am a grown up. I'm sure next year will be a different story and I will REALLY feel old when I have an apartment, a husband, a new job, and a new last name. whoa.

This is going to be an amazing year. I am so excited for it! But before I get too excited, let's reflect on the last year of 22 years of age.

1.) I finished junior year of nursing school.
2.) I was in my best friend's wedding.

3.) I got a new baby niece.
4.) I worked as a nurse extern.
5.) Um... I went to AFRICA! holy cow!

6.) I got ENGAGED!
7.) I started planning the wedding of my dreams! :-) Bought my wedding dress! (such a special day with my mom and Matt's mom) You'll have to wait for a picture of that one! ;-) hehe!
8.) I started my senior year of nursing school (218 days until graduation!)
9.) I learned a lot about myself.
10.) I started working out a lot more!
11.) I was in my cousin, Audrey's wedding. (lots of weddings to come as well!)

Those are just a few of the wonderful things that happened in my year of being 22 years old. HEHE!

This next year will bring LOTS of exciting things as well.
1.) Wedding Planning
2.) Graduation
3.) Shalane and Tom's Wedding
4.) Jeremy and Kim's Wedding
5.) My Bridal Shower
6.) Ashley and Martin's Wedding
7.) Travis and Alex's Wedding
(do you see a pattern here?!?! that's a LOT of weddings. tis the time in our lives for WEDDINGS!)
8.) Taking My Boards
9.) MATT & I's WEDDING!!!!!!!!
10.) Honeymoon in JAMAICA!!!!
11.) Move to Chicago!! (live out of state for the first time)
12.) Be a nurse!!!

And of course, many many unplanned and unexpected things. I do believe this is going to be one of the best years of my life!

So pumped!!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weather, Week Update, and Exciting things!

So it is absolutely FREEZING!! Where was the ease into the cold weather?! It literally went from 80's to 50's. Come on fall! You can't do that to me! You have to go down at least by 10 degrees instead of 30 degrees in like 2 days!!! WHEW!!!

It's exciting to break out all your cold weather clothes though. It's like a whole new wardrobe! So fun every year. I've busted out the Barret hats like this

(by the way, I fell in love with these type of hats when Kirsten Dunst rocked it in Elizabethtown). So cute.

Also, I've pulled out the coats and sweatshirts. BRRRR!!!!!

Exciting news::: My sister-in-law had her baby last week! (sorry for the delay in posting)... Baby AVA NOELLE arrived last Wednesday night. She's adorable! She had to spend a couple days and nights in the NICU at the hospital. But she is home now and doing great! Apparently, her 2 and a 1/2 year older sister, Kadence, said "Ava, come play baby dolls" and my brother and sister-in-law basically melted with cuteness (i know I did when I heard this story). They had to explain to her that Ava is a BABY and can't do those things yet but someday she will. Adorable.

This past week has been pretty exciting as far as my countdowns go. *Side note: I am a huge countdown person. I need to see the progress and know that I am getting closer to exciting things*
So, as of YESTERDAY-- 2 WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO SEE MY FIANCE!!!! He is flying home for his Fall Break. I'm so excited!!!
Second-- So this one is a little complicated. Our wedding is July 31st. Well, there is no 31st in some months, like September, so I am basing the countdown from TODAY.... sooooo.....


Also, 2 days until my 23rd Birthday!!! No big plans this year. Just going to get some food friday night (possibly sushi) with some girl friends. Then going home Saturday night to have dinner with my parents and grandma and to see my NEW BABY NIECE!!!! I saw her in the NICU with all the tubes and stuff attached. I can't wait to see her cute baby cheeks!

So there you have it. The update. :-) I'm going to try to be a better blogger and hope that people comment to motivate me to blog more. HAHA! ;-) take that as a hint.

**edited to add::**

Check out this amazing fall giveaway over at the oh so adorable blog of Talia from "this little life of mine". I want some fall goodness and I'm sure you do too!! check it out!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Life Right Now

This is basically what my days look like in a nutshell. Lots of books and papers. Studying.

Senior year is pretty tough. My first couple weeks I was not so enthusiastic to be here. I am doing better now. It is a lot of work and a lot of sacrificing fun time. Getting back into that mindset is not always easy.

It's almost midterm! That's crazy!

Matt is back in Chicago. That is always hard. It's been over a month since I've seen him. I get to see him 2 weeks from Tuesday! ;-)

I'm also not feeling extremely well the past few days. The weather changed and my allergies are not so happy about that situation.

I'm super pumped about Fall Weather though! Because with fall weather comes theses things....

Cardigans!! (via Forever

Scarves!! (via

Plaid Shirts!!! (via

I think you can figure out where I am going birthday shopping next weekend....


(picture via google images)

I have already indulged myself with a couple pumpkin spice lattes!! :-) It's probably a good thing there is no Starbuck's in Buckhannon, WV.

(picture via google images)

Fall also means::

**MY BIRTHDAY!!! I turn 23 years old next Friday (October 2nd).

**We're getting closer to the warm and fuzziness of the holidays.

Basically, I am loving fall right now. It's always an exciting time for me. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe because it feels like a new season, a new time. Time for change maybe?! Who knows.

You know what's crazy?!?! Last year at this time I was just starting to plan my Africa trip! Been there and back! You know what else is crazy?!? This time next year I will be happily married to my best friend, living in Chicago and a nurse!!! WAHOO!!!!

308 DAYS!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love This....

This blog is so sweet. It may be my new favorite blog to read. It's so great to see people that are so in love and work to stay happy and keep their marriage going. In today's DIVORCE WHEN WE FIGHT kind of world, this is great to see....


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to school.....

So, another year begins. But, this year I have the joy of knowing that...



I have 1 week down and already am swamped with lots of reading and studying. I am trying to take it one day at a time. Get done what I have to do today, and try to find one thing each day to be thankful for. Trying to find 1 thing to thank God for blessing me with.

I am also striving to really be myself this year. To show people who I truly am and not be influenced by others.

I am here to focus on school, to get done with this year and to have an AWESOME summer.


I get to MARRY this guy....

My best friend! :-) He is back in Chicago now, and I'm down here in good ol' Buckhannon, WV. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I get to see him October 15th though and I'm pumped! YAY for Fall Breaks!!

Anyways, it's time to go for a run then get back to studying. Hope all is well for everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bon Appetit!!!!

Just call me Julia Child!!!

Well, my summer is drawing to an end. Back to school in just a few days. I've been trying to pack things up and not having much motivation to do so. I just keep thinking that if I just don't pack things up maybe I won't have to go back.... I don't think it's going to work though.

Anyways... the other day my Grandma bought me a Better Homes and Garden Cook Book like the one she has used for MANY MANY years. I was so excited! She told me I better start practicing since I am going to have to cook for Matt next year. So, I took her words and put them to practice!

I made dinner for my parents, grandma and my fiance the other day! It was SOOO good too!!

I made:: Pepper Lime chicken (on a BROILER none the less!); Parmessan Crusted Potatoe Wedges, green beans and corn (sukatash {spelling}?) and then fresh tomatoes cut up. I even served everything on nice serving platters and had nice place settings. Even put limes and lemons on the iced tea glasses! ;-)

Here are some pictures:::

Anyways, back to school on Sunday.... UGH!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 year

I will be married in less than one year!!!!

Yesterday was Matt and I's negative 1 year anniversary! It was kind of hectic. I had family visiting, and it is my brother's birthday (i can't help it that it was the only Saturday in July that the church and reception place were available!)

Matt and I were excited all day! We kept saying "1 year from right now we'll be getting ready", "1 year from right now, I will be walking down the aisle!" etc.

We got our engagement pictures taken yesterday as well. Dan sent me some teasers. Here is one...
Photo by Dan Brayack

Kind of silly... but that's us. Most of them will be silly I think. I'm pretty sure my mom is just hoping for one decent one. HAHA! ;-)

So... I just figured I would update some stuff on the blog. At least I know Tara reads it! ;-) haha!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

about this whole blog thing....

So, I haven't updated in a long time as you probably have not noticed. I think I might be done with the whole blogging thing. I haven't been too interested lately. I honestly feel like I tried to do the whole cool blog thing for a couple years... and failed at it. I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyways besides Matt and a few other friends and maybe my mom sometimes. So... we'll see. Maybe I'll become interested in trying to be a cool blogger again. But for now, I feel like I failed at the whole thing.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Teaser Video!

So, I'm still not feeling like blogging all the details of my trip. I haven't spent too much time on the computer since I've been back. Here is a little video I posted on YouTube. This was at the orphanage we went to. I left a piece of my heart at this place. I taught them some songs and they taught me some. Loved it. One of the best parts of the entire trip right here. Enjoy.

More to come later... stay tuned! ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Habari za mchana! (Good afternoon!)

I am home safe and sound from Africa. It was an amazing trip. I had such a great time. It was a life changing trip for sure. I am still trying to get over jet lag and traveling and catching up on sleep... it was great to have a hot shower and sleep in my own bed.. and eat some of my favorite foods. :-)

I will update a lot of stories later... but until then I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I leave.....

FOR AFRICA...................

Unbelievable!!!! I can't even believe how fast it creeped up on us! :-) I am beyond excited! It hasn't fully hit me yet, however. I don't think it will until we land in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania!!! INSANE!!!!!


Keep us all in your prayers, PLEASE!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Do You smell something that smells like pancakes?!?"

So, I pretty much have to share this semi-embarassing story because it is utterly hysterical. At least.. I thought it was.

Backstory:: Friday night, I went out to Applebee's for appetizers and dessert with Matt's sisters. It was Lindsay's 16th birthday on Thursday so we all went out to celebrate. I obviously ordered a Maple Butter Blondie because I have been obsessed with them since like 8th grade. (I've in fact eaten so many of those things that it probably makes up my thighs...) anyways... if you don't know about the blondies-- go get one they will change your life. They are served on a hot skillet. Well... me being my clumsy self, while pouring the mapley syrup goodness on the top of my blondie, touched my pinkie to the very hot skillet. The map
ley cream cheese, syrupy goodness was now ALL OVER my jeans, all over the seat, down my arms, on my feet (wearing flip flops) and even INSIDE MY PURSE! It was EVERYWHERE!!! After we finished laughing, I asked for more napkins and began cleaning myself up. I walked to the bathroom with a huge blob of maple syrup on my butt and thigh (literally meant it when I said they take up my thighs.. haha!) and cleaned up. Now, the thing is that this purse was my FAVORITE purse that I own. I love it. It's huge and I normally hate huge purses but this one is definitely a winner.

I cannot wash this purse... it gives specific instructions o
n the small tag inside DO NOT WASH, but to wipe clean with a cloth. So... I did this. I thought I had got it cleaned out well enough to be able to carry today. I did smell a faint wiff of mapley syrup but not too bad....

Funny story:: While checking out at the register in Sam's Club today... as I put my wallet back inside of my purse--- I heard a young man from behind me kindly ask the young girl at the register....


At first, I thought it was just something they were making
at the cheap food place... but it all of a sudden hit me and I spit out a BURST of laughter. My mom was like "What is wrong with you?!"

In my massive laughter I spit out "That's so my purse he's smelling!" HAHAHAH!!!!

There you go--- a lot of build up for that and I apologize. However, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. .... I'll leave you with this to make your mouths water....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer, Twilight, Showers, Africa, and Jean Shopping...


I am so glad! I have been enjoying doing nothing since Wednesday afternoon. I haven't blogged yet because I have just been enjoying my time. I've barely been on the computer.

Wednesday I unpacked all my stuff and moved back into my old room at home. HAHA! It's always nice coming home, and at the same time I reme
mber that my mom makes me make my bed everyday and keep my room clean (I know you read this mom... but it's not like you don't know how I feel about all that. ;-) ) .... soo... I got rid of some stuff.

I started packing for Africa. I have my large suitcase to be checked FULL of medical supplies to take to the clinic I am going to be working at. I am s
o excited that I can take all that stuff. Let me tell you a little something about myself... typically I am an OVERPACKER. I mean... Matt has literally gone through my suitcase and taken things out before. I have honeslty packed 15 t-shirts for a weekend trip before. A little excessive I know... but a girl never knows what she is going to want to wear at the time... or even getting dirty is always a problem for me. So anyways... me using my LARGE suitcase to check for something to take to someone else is kind of a special thing to me. I feel kind of proud of myself! haha!

I have started reading TWILIGHT as well. Here's the thing... I dont' read for pleasure. My mom would ALWAYS try to get me to read for pleasure ALL THE TIME when I was younger. I just wouldn't have it. I never really enjoyed it. I tried several times to be a "Reader" but it wasn't happening. Well... I also have always made fun of the people that are obsessed with Twilight. I never understood it... it was like Harry Potter to me.. or Lord of the Rings.. or even Star Wars-- just another one of those movies that people were crazy over that I was just not interested in. My friend Marybeth made me watch the Twilight movie probably a month ago when it first came out on DVD. I LOVED IT!!! I watched it twice in on
e weekend! So I have been waiting for the semester to be over so that I could read the books because I want to know what happens next for goodness sakes!!!! Already the book is so good!

I have also been trying to plan my cousin Audrey's bridal shower that is the weekend after I get back from Africa. I am her maid of honor. I love planning weddings and showers. Being maid of honor is a lot of work. I like it a lot though. It's fun work. :-)

Today I took my brother to the airport. I took Matt's sister, M
eredith, with me so that we could go shopping at Delia's after we dropped him off. I HATE JEAN'S SHOPPING!!! UGGGHH!!!! Seriously. I always feel so disgusted with myself. I am so frustrated that I quit working out. I was doing so good at the beginning of this past semester. After I got sick a month ago I have been such a fat slacker. I have been stress eating like it's my JOB! ugh.... I wish that when I was stressed I didn't feel like eating. I would be so thin!!! I want to be satisfied with who I am though. I was talking to Meredith about this at the mall today. I told her I don't want to be one of those crazy girls obsessed with being too thin... I just want to be satisfied with who I am... and be myself.

Anyways... I'm going to go read some more Twilight until I go to sleep.

Hope all is well!!!

I'll leave you with a few random recent pictures I uploaded from my mom's camera today....
How adorable is my niece Kadence??! I cannot believe how big she is. I love this picture of her!! It makes me smile inside. :-)
Easter weekend.... I have no idea what I'm eating but probably something I shouldn't be eating.... lol

Friday, April 24, 2009

So Goes Life These Days...

I am so tired. These past couple weeks of school have been absolutely insane!!! I can't even tell you how riduclous. I have honestly had a test pretty much every single day since last Friday.
Friday I took my Pediatrics ATI, I failed it. I studied ALL WEEKEND! Monday, I retook my Peds ATI test and passed (thank God!). Tuesday I studied in the library for 12 hours! Wednesday I took my medsurg ATI, I failed it by 2 questions. I then had a nervous breakdown and felt like such a failure. Retook my medsurg ATI on Thursday, PASSED IT! (I guess it just takes me two times to pass those things..) Had a Pediatrics test on Friday. Dead week was NOT so dead.
This morning I had to wake up at 7 to work at the registration day for incoming freshmen.

I really feel as though God is teaching me perseverance. This whole nursing school thing has been a challenge from the beginning. I have wanted to be a nurse and care for people since I was little. I have always felt as though that is what God wants me to do with my life. I applied to WVU 3 times, did not get accepted. I applied to Fairmont State, did not get accepted. That time was such a challenge for me. It was so hard on my confidence and I really questioned whether or not this was for me. I almost wanted to take it as a sign from God that nursing, in fact, was not what He had planned for me to do. I was told my WVU's dean of the nursing school that basically, I was not smart enough to ever get into any nursing school. At that point, I was determined to show her a thing or two!!! I called West Virginia Wesleyan, and got RIGHT IN over the phone!! I knew that this was where God wanted me, all those times I had not been accepted... and I really feel as though it was just not my time yet. God wanted me here, at this time, for these 3 years for a reason. I often find myself being almost angry, or quesitoning God about this. Why in the world am I here?!
Now, the challenge is passing my tests. For some reason, I have never been a test taker. I study soooo many hours and go in to take the test and freak out. I believe some of it is test anxiety and lack of confidence, but nursing school is just SO HARD!! I hear people complaining this week about how hard their majors are and how busy they are and I just secretly scream at them in my mind. I understand that everyone is stressed out right now, but honestly, nursing school and med school are (I believe this... just personal opinion so no one freak out on me) the hardest majors by far. Medicine is so hard and there is SOOO Much information in health care that I have no idea how it could all possibly fit into one brain!!

Anyways... enough ranting about nursing school. I just have one more year after Wednesday and I am sooooo ready to go into my senior year! The sooner it starts, the sooner it is over!!! A lot of my friends are graduating this year, as I should be, and it is so hard to sit back and think that I should be walking with them... but when I transferred here, I knew that I would have an extra year.

The only thing that has been getting me through this tough time right now is the fact that in 2 WEEKS I will be in Tanzania, AFRICA!!! It is honestly my dream!!! I have always dreamt of going to Africa and helping the people there, and now it is finally coming true!!! I cannot believe that God is doing this for me! He is so amazing and has blessed my life tremendously! I sent a box of medical supplies through DHL to the clinic that I will be working in in Africa and it arrived at the clinic this week after much turmoil and running of the people there who went to pick up the box at the airport. Apparently it was a problem that I put glucose monitors in there and they had to go through the food commission to get it released to the clinic. CRAZY GOVERNEMNT! lol! I found this video this week... and I started crying during it because it is so true. After I see what I am going to see in Africa, I want to come back here and spread the word. I want people to know (even though people seem to be fully aware of the problems there.. and HERE and don't do anything about it because they are too selfish and stuck in there own world...okay that's another post for another time.) that people are suffering.

Watch this video--the words are so true!!

I cannot wait to finish this semester, go to Africa, come back and spend time with Matt, have Audrey's bridal shower, and start my externship at Ruby Memorial Hospital! oh, and PLAN MY WEDDING!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering----


CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped! I can't believe I am actually going to AFRICA!! It's been a dream of mine since I was like 9 years old or something like that. The fact that it's actually happening is beyond crazy! I still don't think I fully realize that it's actually happening.

God has been so good to me lately. Every day is something new and exciting. I know that He is teaching me to enjoy every day that He gives me. I know that He is blessing my life and everyone around me everyday. Even though I really do live for the future, and always have, God is really showing me that TODAY is exciting too!

Today I learned how to draw blood and start I.V.'s in clinicals. Sometimes, I doubt myself being a good nurse... questioning whether or not this is what God has called me to do... but days like today, are days that I realize that I am going to be a great nurse!

I love that God continually teaches me lessons about His grace and how He blesses me every single minute of the day.


Please pray for my trip... pray to God will prepare my heart for the people of Africa and what I am going to see and be faced with. Thanks!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the Night I Got Engaged!!

So, I know, kind of overkill with the engagement posts right?! This will be my last one (probably...)

I said I would post pictures from that night though and I thought I would tell a little more of the story... so here it goes.

Last Friday Night, March 13, 2009. Well, before that, all week I knew that Matt was planning on making me dinner Friday night for "Valentine's Day" since he missed it. So, Friday I headed to Fairmont after class to see Matt and celebrate a belated Valentine's Day. Matt called me Friday afternoon and asked me if he should make something fancy or something that is my favorite? I told him that it did not have to be a big deal, just make something easy, my favorite in other words. hehe! I got there and we just relaxed and watched some TV. Matt was so calm and relaxed. He had told me he was going to see if his family would leave the house for a couple hours. I wondered what was up when he told me that, but again, just thought it was for our Valentine's day evening. So, did not think too much into it. When his mom got home from work, she and Matt's 2 sisters left the house so fast to meet his dad for dinner in Morgantown. So, we started making dinner, well Matt did. He made me sloppy joes and french fries!! HEHE! MY FAVORITE!!! Not Manwich mind you, he made it homemade! HAHA! ;-)

After we ate, we sat at the table for a little bit, Matt told me not to clean up the dishes but he would be right back. As I sat and waited for him, my mind started to wander a little bit about us getting engaged, but at this point I had convinced myself that he would not propose until later this summer, like after this semester and I got back from Africa (WRONG! LOL! ) .. so anyways... He cleaned up the dishes, and then told me to go in the living room and wait for him. He then sang me a song that he wrote for me on his guitar and sang to me. Serenaded :-) Then, told me he had one more thing for me. He went downstairs (a little more history, Matt has always given me a hard time and told me that when he proposed, he was just going to give me a cookie cake instead of a ring because rings were to "cliche", every girl gets a ring, but not a cookie cake! LOL! he just likes to give me a hard time....) okay, so he came back upstairs, and handed me a red paper box, and said "i got you cookie cake!" and i STILL DIDN'T GET IT!! For like, 15 seconds and then said "COOKIE CAKE?!?!!??!!?!" Matt smiled real big, and then got serious. He told me all the lovey stuff (I won't put all that on here.. I feel like that's between us. HEHE! ;-) ) then he stood up, pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket and my heart has HONESTLY never beat that fast in my whole entire life!!! I just put my head in my hands and was holding back the tears. When I looked up, he was down on one knee with the ring of my dreams in that black velvet box. When I heard him say those 4 words I almost fell off the couch with excitement! (it's a good thing I was sitting down or I might have passed out! he knows me well...LOL!)

After I said YES! I of course, said "are you serious?!" lol!

Then, we both made about a million phone calls! We were honestly on the phone for like an hour and a half! LOL! We were both so excited!

I still can't believe it! LOL! It's so exciting! I'm getting married to the man of my dreams in a little over a year! We've already started talking about a date, the ceremony site and reception site because apparently you have to plan like a million years in advance for those reservations! crazy!

Okay, now for the pictures.....
*mind you, I did not know I was going to be getting engaged, or I would have fixed myself up a little better!*

So, this last one is a little ridiculous... lol! But we had to capture the cookie cake! LOL! Matt's face just cracks me up! HAHA!!!!! :-)