Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY FIVE & MUSIC FRIDAY

Well, today has been a rainy, cold and dreary day. So I went to my grandma's and we made my ring bearer pillow! :-) For my wedding I'm doing a lot of things myself. I'm really excited about it!!! It turned out really cute. No pictures yet... gotta wait until the day! hehe!!!

Tonight we're going to attempt to go to the WVU Homecoming Parade... I say attempt because it's raining and cold and we may end up not making it there and just going out to dinner.

Here's what I'm wearing today::

*sorry for the blur... I don't know what happened?!*
Hat:: Forever 21
Grey Cardigan:: F21
Red T-shirt:: Target

Tie Belt:: from a bunch of tie's my mom's boss donated to my dad. I stole some!! HAHA!
Skinny Jeans:: F21 (my favorite jeans!)
Boots:: Blowfish. I absolutely LOVE their boots. I have 2 pairs. I think I am going to be ordering a couple more to prepare myself for the wintery weather of Chicago to come next year! HAHA!

So there you have it. Day Five! I'm carrying my fall fashion week on until Sunday! Join in the fun!!!

Also, I am thinking about starting something new on my blog. Seeing as though I LOVE music. I am thinking about doing "Music Friday's" where I put a song or youtube video of a song on my blog of what I'm listening to right now. I think the 3 people that read my blog on a regular basis should also join in... it's always fun to see what other people are listening to. You never know, maybe somebody will play something that you fall in love with!!!

To start it off here is this week's "MUSIC FRIDAY" song::

It won't let me embed the actual video. So this is what you get::

I am loving this song recently. I love Amos Lee's voice. For some reason, in fall and winter my music selection usually consists of burly, bearded men singers (Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice, Amos Lee, Iron & Wine) so you'll probably be seeing a lot of those, but I will try to throw in some others.

If you care to join in Music Friday, post a comment and let me know!!!


Sarah said...

I've been eyeing Blowfish boots for this winter...glad to know they're comfortable!

Marianne Elixir said...

I like the tie-belt idea! I might have to see what the boys have in their dress up box that I could re-purpose =)

Mama Bird said...

love the tie and boots. I need those boots! Love them!

sufferingsummer said...

those boots are adorable. Also Amos Lee makes me swoon.

mrs boo radley said...

Cuuuuute skinnay pantz.

Twin XL said...

Love the tie belt - cute idea :)

Dorm Comforter said...

Very clever tie belt :)