Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY THREE!!!!

FALL BREAK!!!! I have Thursday and Friday off and the weekend of course. So I just made it home this evening, had a homemade dinner with my parents and now I'm going to do some homework and relax a little bit.

So, here is what I wore today...

As you can see, I can use my parents nice camera since I am at home now and can take more "artistic" pictures. haha!
So here is today's outfit. It was INCREDIBLY beautiful here today. 71 degrees and on the ride home I had all the windows down blaring some john mayer and imogen heap. :-) The leaves are BEAUTIFUL!

Jeans:: I love these grey skinny jeans. They're delia's sale rack! :-)
Vest:: The navy blue vest is from Urban Outiftters. I love it. I got it this summer on the sale rack and I wear it quite frequently!
T-Shirt:: Hanes HIS Way! hehe!!
Shoes:: of course, the glittery ballet flats
Hat:: I bought the hat for my Africa trip. I actually forgot I had it until I saw it in my closet today and decided it was a perfect day for it.

I actually started out my morning with a yellow cardigan, but because it was so warm I decided to get rid of it and save that for later cooler fall weather! ;-)

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Marianne Elixir said...

Love the hat. You just reminded me that I have a rain hat from a trip my husband took to Montana several years ago....might have to dig that out this week!

Whoo hoo for fashion week!

sufferingsummer said...

adorable...I'm not even a skinny jean fan but those look cute on you!

Emery Jo said...

love it! that hat is awesome. there's one thing i miss about longer hair: being able to pull off hats. i Looooove hats!! :)

jilian dee said...

you're hat is to die for ")

Christina said...

Definitely agree that it was a perfect day for the hat, and I also agree with the commentary that it is awesome. Love the first shot. Very artistic. :)

marla said...

what a great hat!

Twin XL said...

Love the grey skinny jeans!!!!