Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love and Marriage?

What ever happened to it?!!

Yesterday morning I woke up and turned on the news to find out that "open marriages" are apparently the next big thing. A woman (I didn't catch her name) wrote a book about these so-called "open marriages" and I was appalled at what she was saying. When asked about what she would tell her daughter about fairy tales, or marriage (something along these lines), she said that she would tell her daugther "marriage doesn't work". WHAT!?!?! That's like basically training up our children to get a divorce. To tell them that they can have sex with whoever or whatever they want... and who cares?! Love isn't actually REAL!!!

It did not start my day off right. I was thinking about it all day. Just the thought of telling my daughter that "no man is ACTUALLY trustworthy, and LOVE does not actually exist. The movies is all a lie." Granted, I understand telling your children that "love is not like a fairy tale". But telling your children that marriage just does not work. That's a whole other level. Unbelievable. So, she is saying that it is "good" for your marriage to be able to see other people. To be able to go out on dates with other men or women, even to have multiple partners. It's insane!

I've been thinking about this, and tonight I was talking to Matt about how among the Christian community, it seems like people are getting married at a younger age, like 18-21. He said that he has a friend at college who is from New York, and he said that nobody gets married before they are 30 there. So what is the "appropriate" age for marriage? When we're younger and we have our first boyfriends or girlfriends, we think "I Love Him/Her", "I'm in LOVE!" and everyone older always says "You don't know what LOVE is!" I know personally, when I was younger I always thought that was a load of crap. I DID know what LOVE was! (So, I thought....) I guess love is different in all ages. Now when I go to the mall and I see all the teeny boppers schmoogling in the corners and trying to get some "makeout" time in while they are away from their parents, I cringe. Thinking that someday they will regret that. So many kids think they know what "love" is and will do ANYTHING to get it.

So, why get married so young? or wait until you're older? My personal theory *** WARNING: PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENSE TO THIS! JUST A PERSONAL OPINION***
is that, those that get married younger, most do it because they don't want to live together or they are "waiting until they're married", which is great! But, you've waited 19 years... wait 4 more years! I don't know... anyways... and those that are waiting until they are 30, most already cohabitat and have all the benefits of being married anyways... so what's the point of getting that "marriage license". Just my personal theory. Sorry if I offended anyone in saying that. I know it's not true for all cases, it's just what I was kind of thinking,.

So, what is the appropriate age to "get married"? and what about this whole "open marriage" thing?

*I thought about saving this post until Valentine's Day...but it's been on my mind and I haven't updated in awhile... so here ya go! it is what it is.*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Workin' Out Music

So, I've been working out more frequently lately. My goal is to run a 5k in a decent amount of time, by the time I get back from Africa at the end of May.

Here is my question to all your bloggers out there: What music do You listen to when you work out?!?! So far, this is what I've been listening to on repeat while working out:

Michael Jackson-The Way You Make Me Feel
Paramore-That's What You Get
T.I. and Rihanna- Live Your Life
The Fray- You Found Me
Kevin Rudolf and Lil' Wayne- Let It Rock
Beyonce-Single Ladies
Lenka-The Show
Ingrid Michaelson-Giving Up

Everything on my ipod is pretty much mellow and coffee shop music. Help me out here... give me some good work out music advice!! :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, I just got showered and ready to go to church... and I looked outside when I was READY and it's snowing. Needless to say, my Buick Regal is not too fond of the snow. She's gonna stay put today. I've never really had to drive in the snow... so I'm not that experienced. If my church wasn't on a huge hill, I might try to brave it.. but not today. HAHA! Staying in my p.j.'s and watching the Hillsong United DVD for my "church" today.

So this weekend was fun! Friday night I went out to Clarksburg to hang out with 4 of my really good girl friends here at school. We ate at Texas Roadhouse. We came back here afterwards, and watched What Happens In Vegas... it was pretty funny. I had never seen it before.

Yesterday, I went to Clarksburg again to see Laura. I haven't seen her since her wedding day. We went to see Bride Wars. It was really funny! i liked it a lot. There are so many movies coming out that I am excited about. I really want to see He's Just Not That Into You, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. I got to see Laura's professional wedding pictures yesterday. They were really good!!!

Today, I'm going to get started studying.... I have a lot to read... so I'm off to make some coffee and open my pediatric nursing book and stare at it for the rest of the day.... bleh.

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exciting Things in the Future

No one tells me where to go
No one tells me what to do today
Cuz I don't know where I begin
don't know where I'm gonna end today
and I feel just like a child thinking everything is mine
at the drop of a dime
and I"m walking around this town
I'm lookin' up I'm lookin' down
I'm singing, singing out

I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
thinking everything is alright
The moment that I wait or I hesitate is a moment that I waste
I can see it all it passing me by
I can see it all passing me by

The streets, the bars, the restaurants
The foreign town, the ambiance they gave
A day, a week, a month it seems I'm always running out of steam and then
Oh, I feel just like a child, running around and getting wild
Unaware of the time
Cuz it's here and the it's not and I recall what I forgot

I'm singin'
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
thinking everything is alright
The moment that I wait or I hesitate is a moment that I waste
I can see it all it passing me by
I can see it all passing me by

and they say good things come it's worth it
but I feel just like a child, I feel just like a child
singin' singin' out
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
thinking everything is alright
The moment that I wait or I hesitate is a moment that I waste
I can see it all it passing me and I DON'T WANNA WAIT
thinking everything is alright
The moment that I wait or I hesitate is a moment that I waste
I can see it all it passing me by
I can see it all passing me.....

Rosi Golan- I Don't Wanna Wait

(i couldn't find a youtube video of this song.... go check out her myspace though!! she's great!)

Basically, this song describes how I have been feeling lately....
I feel just like a little kid. I am tired of waiting for my life to start... I need to live right now. I need to live in the moment and be happy with where I am. I know this is a hard part of my life (maybe one of the most difficult I will ever face..) but I just need to get through it. Just do it and get it done. I know I should enjoy it more... but it is so hard that most days, I just go through the motions to get things done.

I am so excited for the future that right now just feels boring. HAHA!!! I get to go to Africa in May!!! The next May, I graduate nursing school and get to move out of West Virginia to a brand new state and be a nurse!!!!!!!! Those are both AMAZING things. I am so excited!!!! BUT it's not that time yet... so just enjoy today I suppose and look forward to those things. :-)

Any advice? lol

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I don't know...

So, first day of classes is done. I think this semester is going to be pretty tough. Everyday is going to consist of doing homework, reading lots, and studying even more than ever. In other words, I probably won't be blogging as much the next 4 months. Hang with me though if you read this.... there will be exciting things in the future! :-) Africa and all it's adventures are coming up in May! I am sure there will be PLENTY of other exciting things. I will post all about them when I get time.

Anyways, that's about all I have to say. Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's really over?!

So my break has officially come to an end. I go back to school tomorrow. Even though I don't start classes until Wednesday, I still have to get back and get back into a routine.

In a way, I am kind of excited about getting back into a routine and being productive. I really needed a break for school and life. I am ready to get back into a routine though. I am really hoping to work out at least 3-4 times a week (hopefully more if possible). I want to be able to run a 5k by summer. We'll see how that goes with this class load this semester.

On the down side... I have to start studying again and I am so not ready for that.

Most importantly, and the worst part about school starting again is that for about 2 and a half weeks I've got to see this face almost everyday....I have one more week with Matt before he goes back to Chicago. I am so not ready for him to go back and not see him again for a month and a half. Not ready at all.....

I guess the sooner this semester starts.... the sooner it's over. Right?! Trying to stay positive...

Friday, January 2, 2009

What Will 2009 Bring?

Well, 2008 was a great year! Let's look back on some highlights:
My niece, Kadence, had her first birthday party! I cannot believe how much she has grown this year. She is adorable! :-) She is about to be 2 years old! Unbelievable!

In March I saw my first screening of Invisible Children and really felt called to go to Africa. I had the offer to go with my friend Tara in May 2008, but turned it down. Ended up that my time would come the following May! I will be going in May 2009!!!

We celebrated Easter in Ohio with my aunt and uncle and their family. Julianne was in Israel at this time, and Hannah and her husband are missing as well as Chase's wife Clarissa who got married this year.I finished my first year of Nursing School! :-) It was a very intense year, and it seems to just keep getting more intense. But these girls are like my family. We've even added some new additions to the bunch. I love nursing school, and yet I hate it. It is very hard, but I love these girls and I love learning the stuff.
I went and saw the former president Bill Clinton speak.
I worked at HealthSouth for the summer and made some great friends. I loved working there and loved my patients as well.
I went on vacation with Matt's family to Tennessee to Pigeon Forge.

Emily and I went to Washington D.C. and met Mandy Patinkin and saw Regina Spektor Live!

I started my second year of nursing school. Matt moved to Chicago.

My cousin, Chase, got married to beautiful Clarissa. They had such a fun wedding! :-)

I decided to go to Africa in May 2009, and started raising money.

I tried being vegetarian, it only lasted a week.

Matt and I went 2 months without seeing on another. He came home for Fall Break for 4 days. (that picture was driving back to the airport)

I had my best friend's bridal shower.

I made my first trip to visit Matt in Chicago!

I had the pleasure of being Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding. :-)

I celebrated 3 years of dating with Matt.

I got to spend Christmas with my wonderful family, (just to prove how much a year can change things... look at the first picture on this blog and look at this next one... she's grown so much!) and brought in 2009 with great friends!

2008 was a great year! I know that 2009 will bring lots of life changing things. I can't wait!!! :-)