Monday, April 28, 2008



My last final was this morning at 10 am... and I was home by 2:30.
I packed all my stuff in my car immediately after I was done with my final.. said my goodbyes... and headed North to Morgantown!! :-)

I got home and the chaos began.. my poor mothers house looks like a college dorm room threw up all over the place. I'm trying to spring clean and get rid of stuff while I put stuff away... my room and the basement are seriously in disaster mode right now... the stage right after a tornado when everything is just thrown everywhere!

Tonight.... I made my parents take me out to celebrate my first year of Nursing School being COMPLETE!!!!! We went to Olive Garden and I stuffed myself until the skinny jeans were no longer so skinny...

Then I came home and continued with the unpacking/spring cleaning.... watched How I Met Your Mother (which I am now addicted to thanks to my boyfriend...) and then watched The Hills (it's a guilty pleasure..)
The best thing about watching TV tonight was that I didn't have this constant voice in the back of my mind saying "You should be studying... you should be STUDYING!!!" Actually... I did think it at one point and when I remembered I was on SUMMER BREAK it was a great feeling all over again!

A little update from this past weekend...
Saturday night was fun... it was Jen's 21st birthday!!! So I went to the Williams' house for a little get together to celebrate Jen's birthday!

I had to leave her party early and head over to the Nursing Banquet. It was a lot of fun! We all got to dress up. I was having a crisis on the outfit though.. but I think it turned out alright.. what do you think? Do I look like I'm 40? LOL!
(If you don't know which one is me... I'm the 4th in from the left. )

I honestly love all of these girls... and am sad the other 4 girls couldn't be there. It was such a fun night. Even though we are all girls and we get on each others nerves sometimes... I truly think of these girls as family. We've been through so much together already and I'm anxious to see what the next 2 years bring. It's gonna be a rough road but it'll be easier with these girls by my side.
Being silly behind our teachers backs.

I think this is honestly the only picture that I have with my roommate from all year. It's kind of sad. She is graduating next week. Going to be a nurse in the real world of Boston, Massachusetts.

Well... this is just a little update. I'll write the post I mentioned about "what i learned in my first year of nursing school tomorrow sometime." SO you have THAT to look forward to still.... HAHA!

Monday, April 14, 2008


In case that's hard to read.... it says....

I'm a nursing student, and I think I've figured out why there's a nursing shortage.

So, I haven't updated in quite some time ( over a week in fact...) because I haven't spent too much time on the internet. I have been studying for my nursing "ATI" testing. Which is a test that is set up like the NCLEX, the national board certification after you graduate nursing school. But, we have these ATI tests at the end of every nursing class you see.... well I have been studying a lot for my pharmacology ATI test this past weekend and last week. I took my test today and well..... I failed it.

At first I Was okay with this realization, because thankfully, "they" (Whoever they are..) realize that these tests are almost IMPOSSIBLE to pass. You have to get a 68% to PASS!!! Come on now.... well... I got a 60% today. So.... I will be retaking it on Wednesday.

I had my emotional breakdown (being a girl I have the right....) and I think I am alright now. So, tonight it was back to the ati book. But.... don't rest assured quite yet... because after I pass this one the second time around... i have ANOTHER one next Monday for my Medical-Surgical nursing class. WAHOO!!!!! LOL!!!!

Okay enough with the synicism. I realized that this was going to be hard coming into it so I really should not complain all that much... but let's be honest.... most everybody would complain if they were in my shoes.

In other news.... I only have 14 days of the semester left (in about an hour when it's actually the 15th...) and it will be SUMMER!!!!! Even though I will be working a lot.. I am still excited to not have to study. I promise and hereby proclaim, that I, Katy Whitehair, will NOT I repeat NOT, read this summer... unless it is something that I am extremely interested in... and of course with the exception of reading my Bible. :-) I am a little bit shocked that I've already made it through one year, and at the same time I feel like this past year has been slow. Mostly, it has been great. I have learned so much. But I feel like this should be the topic of my first official summer blog "What I learned in my first year of nursing school...." It should be funny, sad, and crazy... so tune in for that exciting post in about... 14 days!!!!! I know those imaginary people I have in my mind that actually READ this blog are pretty excited right now!!!! (oh... and my mom...) HEHE!!!!!

Thank you, and Goodnight!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Love Weekends... except when I have to study...

So this weekend was kind of eventful... and yet very uneventful... Friday night.. well you all know what I did my Friday night (see last post).

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to Fairmont. Matt and I had a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon. A couple of our friends tied the knot. It was fun to get dressed up and hang out with friends. The wedding was a lot of fun and the bride was BEAUTIFUL. :-) I didn't get any pictures of her... but I got some pictures of some other beautiful people!
aren't we so cute?!?! maybe it's just me that thinks so...
My best friend and her fiance.... soon to be newlyweds (well in 8 months....)
I told Jeremy to get with his date.. and soon after I snapped this my boyfriend put his arm around him and smiled for the camera... i was sorry I missed it. :-(

So after the dancing began at the wedding we had to leave (because my boyfriend isn't about the dancing..) i mean.. because "we had to go to his sisters play" :-) HEHEHE! We did however, have to go to his sisters play. She did a great job! Such a good actress. Then we went back to his house and I studied and he played video games until the wee hour of midnight when we about died of sleepiness.

This morning we woke up and went to his church then had lunch with his family. I found out that my test that was supposed to be on Monday (tomorrow) got moved until Wednesday. So Matt and I vegged out on the couch ALL Day. We watched TV, played video games, took a nap... it was great times! :-) Much needed considering the next 23 days I will be studying. For REAL!

Speaking of studying.... I'm about to get on that right now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

This is what I am spending my Friday night doing....(okay... about time to lay off the fatty food... look at that double chin forming!!! )

Thank you Nursing School...... for the wonderful memories of good times with friends on a Friday night! HAHAHA!

While I am not happy that I have to study tonight, I have a test on Monday. Tomorrow I am going to Fairmont to see Matt and go to a wedding tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'm pretty excited to see Matt and his family and friends of ours that will be at the wedding. I decided on wearing the purple dress in my Easter pictures. I love it! SO CUTE! I'll post some pictures from the wedding on Sunday afternoon when I get back to school (to study....) as long as my rechargeable batteries decide to charge (which right now they are not....).

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You can have all this world.... just give me Jesus

The past few days I am realizing to let the petty things go.... just to let drama be drama and try to avoid it. Ya see, I hate conflict, but since my childhood it has seemed to always be around me. Especially with the female species. I have never had very good luck with girl friends at all. I have very few friends that I still talk to from my childhood because for some reason... I've just never gotten along well with girls. I guess I just can't relate well to them. Don't get me wrong, I am a girl sometimes and I do like drama once in awhile for some crazy reason!?! But, I really just can't stand the conflict that comes with being a girl. The constant bickering and getting upset at the smallest things. Like this....

(side note: this show is my guilty pleasure....i know it's so petty and stupid.. but I just love it! If I was friends with these girls though I would go crazy!)
I am one of those girls that gets their feelings hurt easily by other people and let people sort of walk all over me or use me. I am on Team Lauren because I am so in her shoes... LOL! Girls are so stupid!!! LOL! I hate that... but I guess in a way it's a good thing maybe? I don't know.

So anyways.... now that I am done venting....

The past few days have been kind of crazy. I am so tired! I think I died a little bit last night in my sleep because I didn't hear ANYTHING. My roommate didn't even wake me up when she came in! Crazy!
Today I got to view some surgeries in clinicals. Actually, I just saw 4 colonoscopies and a lymph node biopsy... but it was still kind of cool. I was really excited to be in the O.R.! It was cool! I sort of felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy! HEHE!!! But not at all really.... because the hospital I was at is SOOO small!
After seeing so many intestines... I have decided that I want to eat healthier (even though for dinner I had chinese lo mein, and an ice cream sundae?!?!) I really want to do a cleansing diet this summer. Just eat fresh fruits and veggies and nuts, legumes, brown rice, etc. Get rid of all the nasty things I put in my body. Like pop, chocolate, chips, so many fats and carbs... Of course, this is nearly impossible for me to do while I'm here at school... but I want to try at least when I am at home this summer...

Well.. I'm off to do a night of studying for ATI testing and other homework...

Any of you other girls feel like sometimes your life is just constant drama with other girls?!