Monday, April 28, 2008



My last final was this morning at 10 am... and I was home by 2:30.
I packed all my stuff in my car immediately after I was done with my final.. said my goodbyes... and headed North to Morgantown!! :-)

I got home and the chaos began.. my poor mothers house looks like a college dorm room threw up all over the place. I'm trying to spring clean and get rid of stuff while I put stuff away... my room and the basement are seriously in disaster mode right now... the stage right after a tornado when everything is just thrown everywhere!

Tonight.... I made my parents take me out to celebrate my first year of Nursing School being COMPLETE!!!!! We went to Olive Garden and I stuffed myself until the skinny jeans were no longer so skinny...

Then I came home and continued with the unpacking/spring cleaning.... watched How I Met Your Mother (which I am now addicted to thanks to my boyfriend...) and then watched The Hills (it's a guilty pleasure..)
The best thing about watching TV tonight was that I didn't have this constant voice in the back of my mind saying "You should be studying... you should be STUDYING!!!" Actually... I did think it at one point and when I remembered I was on SUMMER BREAK it was a great feeling all over again!

A little update from this past weekend...
Saturday night was fun... it was Jen's 21st birthday!!! So I went to the Williams' house for a little get together to celebrate Jen's birthday!

I had to leave her party early and head over to the Nursing Banquet. It was a lot of fun! We all got to dress up. I was having a crisis on the outfit though.. but I think it turned out alright.. what do you think? Do I look like I'm 40? LOL!
(If you don't know which one is me... I'm the 4th in from the left. )

I honestly love all of these girls... and am sad the other 4 girls couldn't be there. It was such a fun night. Even though we are all girls and we get on each others nerves sometimes... I truly think of these girls as family. We've been through so much together already and I'm anxious to see what the next 2 years bring. It's gonna be a rough road but it'll be easier with these girls by my side.
Being silly behind our teachers backs.

I think this is honestly the only picture that I have with my roommate from all year. It's kind of sad. She is graduating next week. Going to be a nurse in the real world of Boston, Massachusetts.

Well... this is just a little update. I'll write the post I mentioned about "what i learned in my first year of nursing school tomorrow sometime." SO you have THAT to look forward to still.... HAHA!


Ashley said...

YAYAY!!!!! Oh my gosh! Congrats! Woohoo, summer!

by the way i love your outfit in those last photos! So cute!

anna joy said...

congratulations! p.s., YES PLEASE I would LOVE to shoot in WV! That'd be so fun! Don't forget about me before then ; )