Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Teaser Video!

So, I'm still not feeling like blogging all the details of my trip. I haven't spent too much time on the computer since I've been back. Here is a little video I posted on YouTube. This was at the orphanage we went to. I left a piece of my heart at this place. I taught them some songs and they taught me some. Loved it. One of the best parts of the entire trip right here. Enjoy.

More to come later... stay tuned! ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Habari za mchana! (Good afternoon!)

I am home safe and sound from Africa. It was an amazing trip. I had such a great time. It was a life changing trip for sure. I am still trying to get over jet lag and traveling and catching up on sleep... it was great to have a hot shower and sleep in my own bed.. and eat some of my favorite foods. :-)

I will update a lot of stories later... but until then I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I leave.....

FOR AFRICA...................

Unbelievable!!!! I can't even believe how fast it creeped up on us! :-) I am beyond excited! It hasn't fully hit me yet, however. I don't think it will until we land in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania!!! INSANE!!!!!


Keep us all in your prayers, PLEASE!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Do You smell something that smells like pancakes?!?"

So, I pretty much have to share this semi-embarassing story because it is utterly hysterical. At least.. I thought it was.

Backstory:: Friday night, I went out to Applebee's for appetizers and dessert with Matt's sisters. It was Lindsay's 16th birthday on Thursday so we all went out to celebrate. I obviously ordered a Maple Butter Blondie because I have been obsessed with them since like 8th grade. (I've in fact eaten so many of those things that it probably makes up my thighs...) anyways... if you don't know about the blondies-- go get one they will change your life. They are served on a hot skillet. Well... me being my clumsy self, while pouring the mapley syrup goodness on the top of my blondie, touched my pinkie to the very hot skillet. The map
ley cream cheese, syrupy goodness was now ALL OVER my jeans, all over the seat, down my arms, on my feet (wearing flip flops) and even INSIDE MY PURSE! It was EVERYWHERE!!! After we finished laughing, I asked for more napkins and began cleaning myself up. I walked to the bathroom with a huge blob of maple syrup on my butt and thigh (literally meant it when I said they take up my thighs.. haha!) and cleaned up. Now, the thing is that this purse was my FAVORITE purse that I own. I love it. It's huge and I normally hate huge purses but this one is definitely a winner.

I cannot wash this purse... it gives specific instructions o
n the small tag inside DO NOT WASH, but to wipe clean with a cloth. So... I did this. I thought I had got it cleaned out well enough to be able to carry today. I did smell a faint wiff of mapley syrup but not too bad....

Funny story:: While checking out at the register in Sam's Club today... as I put my wallet back inside of my purse--- I heard a young man from behind me kindly ask the young girl at the register....


At first, I thought it was just something they were making
at the cheap food place... but it all of a sudden hit me and I spit out a BURST of laughter. My mom was like "What is wrong with you?!"

In my massive laughter I spit out "That's so my purse he's smelling!" HAHAHAH!!!!

There you go--- a lot of build up for that and I apologize. However, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. .... I'll leave you with this to make your mouths water....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer, Twilight, Showers, Africa, and Jean Shopping...


I am so glad! I have been enjoying doing nothing since Wednesday afternoon. I haven't blogged yet because I have just been enjoying my time. I've barely been on the computer.

Wednesday I unpacked all my stuff and moved back into my old room at home. HAHA! It's always nice coming home, and at the same time I reme
mber that my mom makes me make my bed everyday and keep my room clean (I know you read this mom... but it's not like you don't know how I feel about all that. ;-) ) .... soo... I got rid of some stuff.

I started packing for Africa. I have my large suitcase to be checked FULL of medical supplies to take to the clinic I am going to be working at. I am s
o excited that I can take all that stuff. Let me tell you a little something about myself... typically I am an OVERPACKER. I mean... Matt has literally gone through my suitcase and taken things out before. I have honeslty packed 15 t-shirts for a weekend trip before. A little excessive I know... but a girl never knows what she is going to want to wear at the time... or even getting dirty is always a problem for me. So anyways... me using my LARGE suitcase to check for something to take to someone else is kind of a special thing to me. I feel kind of proud of myself! haha!

I have started reading TWILIGHT as well. Here's the thing... I dont' read for pleasure. My mom would ALWAYS try to get me to read for pleasure ALL THE TIME when I was younger. I just wouldn't have it. I never really enjoyed it. I tried several times to be a "Reader" but it wasn't happening. Well... I also have always made fun of the people that are obsessed with Twilight. I never understood it... it was like Harry Potter to me.. or Lord of the Rings.. or even Star Wars-- just another one of those movies that people were crazy over that I was just not interested in. My friend Marybeth made me watch the Twilight movie probably a month ago when it first came out on DVD. I LOVED IT!!! I watched it twice in on
e weekend! So I have been waiting for the semester to be over so that I could read the books because I want to know what happens next for goodness sakes!!!! Already the book is so good!

I have also been trying to plan my cousin Audrey's bridal shower that is the weekend after I get back from Africa. I am her maid of honor. I love planning weddings and showers. Being maid of honor is a lot of work. I like it a lot though. It's fun work. :-)

Today I took my brother to the airport. I took Matt's sister, M
eredith, with me so that we could go shopping at Delia's after we dropped him off. I HATE JEAN'S SHOPPING!!! UGGGHH!!!! Seriously. I always feel so disgusted with myself. I am so frustrated that I quit working out. I was doing so good at the beginning of this past semester. After I got sick a month ago I have been such a fat slacker. I have been stress eating like it's my JOB! ugh.... I wish that when I was stressed I didn't feel like eating. I would be so thin!!! I want to be satisfied with who I am though. I was talking to Meredith about this at the mall today. I told her I don't want to be one of those crazy girls obsessed with being too thin... I just want to be satisfied with who I am... and be myself.

Anyways... I'm going to go read some more Twilight until I go to sleep.

Hope all is well!!!

I'll leave you with a few random recent pictures I uploaded from my mom's camera today....
How adorable is my niece Kadence??! I cannot believe how big she is. I love this picture of her!! It makes me smile inside. :-)
Easter weekend.... I have no idea what I'm eating but probably something I shouldn't be eating.... lol