Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Do You smell something that smells like pancakes?!?"

So, I pretty much have to share this semi-embarassing story because it is utterly hysterical. At least.. I thought it was.

Backstory:: Friday night, I went out to Applebee's for appetizers and dessert with Matt's sisters. It was Lindsay's 16th birthday on Thursday so we all went out to celebrate. I obviously ordered a Maple Butter Blondie because I have been obsessed with them since like 8th grade. (I've in fact eaten so many of those things that it probably makes up my thighs...) anyways... if you don't know about the blondies-- go get one they will change your life. They are served on a hot skillet. Well... me being my clumsy self, while pouring the mapley syrup goodness on the top of my blondie, touched my pinkie to the very hot skillet. The map
ley cream cheese, syrupy goodness was now ALL OVER my jeans, all over the seat, down my arms, on my feet (wearing flip flops) and even INSIDE MY PURSE! It was EVERYWHERE!!! After we finished laughing, I asked for more napkins and began cleaning myself up. I walked to the bathroom with a huge blob of maple syrup on my butt and thigh (literally meant it when I said they take up my thighs.. haha!) and cleaned up. Now, the thing is that this purse was my FAVORITE purse that I own. I love it. It's huge and I normally hate huge purses but this one is definitely a winner.

I cannot wash this purse... it gives specific instructions o
n the small tag inside DO NOT WASH, but to wipe clean with a cloth. So... I did this. I thought I had got it cleaned out well enough to be able to carry today. I did smell a faint wiff of mapley syrup but not too bad....

Funny story:: While checking out at the register in Sam's Club today... as I put my wallet back inside of my purse--- I heard a young man from behind me kindly ask the young girl at the register....


At first, I thought it was just something they were making
at the cheap food place... but it all of a sudden hit me and I spit out a BURST of laughter. My mom was like "What is wrong with you?!"

In my massive laughter I spit out "That's so my purse he's smelling!" HAHAHAH!!!!

There you go--- a lot of build up for that and I apologize. However, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. .... I'll leave you with this to make your mouths water....


sohobutterfly said...

*lol* I would soooooo love that smell. I'd be smelling my purse all around the town!

Twin XL said...

Cute story :)