Monday, February 16, 2009

4 Miles... WHAT?!

Yes I did run 4 miles on this bad boy today!!! WAHOOO!!!!! Now my Left Knee feels like a knife is going through it so I will be taking the day off from exercise tomorrow. Yes indeed. But 4 miles people! That's like a million for me!! I haven't run 4 miles in my whole life i don't think. NEVER!!

We used to have to run 2 miles for lacrosse practice everyday and even that was a struggle.

I'm a little excited about this if you can't tell... LOL! Now when am I going to see the results of this working out?! Hmmmm???!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Work-It Out Weekends!

So, my blogger friend over at started a blog post ever weekend called "work-it out weekends" talking about trying to be healthier and working out. She threw out the opportunity to start writing your own posts about this, and I decided to join in.

I have been trying to work out every day for the past month. I've done fairly well I'd like to think. There has been some weekends that I haven't worked out at all... but usually throughout the week I have been very good at getting into the routine of going to the gym every day.

When I started this semester, my goal was to be able to run a 5k by spring. Not just to run the 5k, but to do it and not be last place. To do it in a timely manner.

When I first started working out, I thought my body was revolting against me. I started out trying to run 1 mile everyday, doing crunches, and either upper body and lower body weights alternating daily. I've done well at sticking with this routine pretty well.

There has been some days that I've ran 3 miles, some days I could barely run 1 mile... and others that I haven't even felt like walking to class. I ran outside 2 miles straight this week when it was almost 70 degrees one day, unseasonably warm! It felt so invigorating!

I've knocked out all the diet pepsi and coke out of my diet. I have slipt a few times though, I confess!!! I have been drinking diet sierra mist (no caffeine) and diet caffeine free pepsi when I need a fix. I drink coffee in the morning, and once in awhile in the evening when I need to stay up late to study. At meals I usually drink 1 glass of water and a glass of cranberry juice.

As for my eating habits, lately they have not been the greatest. Valentine's day candy has taken over my room, and I bougth a bag of Cheddar SunChips when I was at home last weekend and HealthSmart Cheddar Popcorn.... they're both almost gone. ugh!

In this new experience and life change, I've also tried to focus on when I go to Africa, and the poverty that I will see there. The fact that they have to walk so far and so many miles to get WATER! when I have it at my availabilty at all times! That they have nothing to eat for weeks... Focusing on that brings things to reality for me in times that I am tempted to eat junk food.

There has been days, that I have said "forget this whole mess! I can't even see the results! there is no point! my body will never look like all those tiny actresses! it's not humanly possible!" and there have been other days where I've felt so hott, and felt really good about myself.

I know that weight and beauty do not define who I am, it never has. I have always struggled with my small "tummy pudge". I know that my beauty is in my personality and that being skinny is not going to really change who I am. I am just learning that I am doing this to be healthy. I am doing this for Matt, so that when I am old, I do not have so many health problems that he has to take care of me. HEHE!!

So, goals for this week
1. Run at least 4 days, for 2 miles.
2. Find a 5k to run in the spring/early summer for when I get back from Africa
3. Drink lots and lots of water, and less coffee, diet sierra mist, and juices
4. Eat more vegetables and salads
5. Get rid of the Valentine's day candy in my room and do not eat all of it myself!

How about anyone else?! Does anyone struggle with their weight and eating healthy? I know it's a pretty common problem in our nation...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I know that Valentine's Day sometimes gets a bad wrap. I understand the whole concept of "you should love one another every day of the year" kind of thing... but come on.. who DOESN'T like to be told on a special day "I Love You" and be bought flowers, and candies, and make one another cute mixed CDs, tell one another all the reasons you love each other. It's cute right? and who doesn't need to be told why they're loved (sometimes we forget in the midst of the busy world we lead). Granted, it's nice to be told on more than one day a year.... but Valentine's Day is just a good day to remind everyone to tell the people you love.

Even though I am 10 hours away from Matt today... Valentine's Day is still special. We mailed one another little packages, and we're going to talk on the web cam for awhile today.

I love you Babe!! :-)Just a little picture to show you that I know you feel the same way. :-) hahaha!!

p.s. the picture is a joke... we really do love each other. HAHA!!!