Saturday, February 14, 2009


I know that Valentine's Day sometimes gets a bad wrap. I understand the whole concept of "you should love one another every day of the year" kind of thing... but come on.. who DOESN'T like to be told on a special day "I Love You" and be bought flowers, and candies, and make one another cute mixed CDs, tell one another all the reasons you love each other. It's cute right? and who doesn't need to be told why they're loved (sometimes we forget in the midst of the busy world we lead). Granted, it's nice to be told on more than one day a year.... but Valentine's Day is just a good day to remind everyone to tell the people you love.

Even though I am 10 hours away from Matt today... Valentine's Day is still special. We mailed one another little packages, and we're going to talk on the web cam for awhile today.

I love you Babe!! :-)Just a little picture to show you that I know you feel the same way. :-) hahaha!!

p.s. the picture is a joke... we really do love each other. HAHA!!!

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Twin XL said...

Sweet post - love the pic :)