Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love and Marriage?

What ever happened to it?!!

Yesterday morning I woke up and turned on the news to find out that "open marriages" are apparently the next big thing. A woman (I didn't catch her name) wrote a book about these so-called "open marriages" and I was appalled at what she was saying. When asked about what she would tell her daughter about fairy tales, or marriage (something along these lines), she said that she would tell her daugther "marriage doesn't work". WHAT!?!?! That's like basically training up our children to get a divorce. To tell them that they can have sex with whoever or whatever they want... and who cares?! Love isn't actually REAL!!!

It did not start my day off right. I was thinking about it all day. Just the thought of telling my daughter that "no man is ACTUALLY trustworthy, and LOVE does not actually exist. The movies is all a lie." Granted, I understand telling your children that "love is not like a fairy tale". But telling your children that marriage just does not work. That's a whole other level. Unbelievable. So, she is saying that it is "good" for your marriage to be able to see other people. To be able to go out on dates with other men or women, even to have multiple partners. It's insane!

I've been thinking about this, and tonight I was talking to Matt about how among the Christian community, it seems like people are getting married at a younger age, like 18-21. He said that he has a friend at college who is from New York, and he said that nobody gets married before they are 30 there. So what is the "appropriate" age for marriage? When we're younger and we have our first boyfriends or girlfriends, we think "I Love Him/Her", "I'm in LOVE!" and everyone older always says "You don't know what LOVE is!" I know personally, when I was younger I always thought that was a load of crap. I DID know what LOVE was! (So, I thought....) I guess love is different in all ages. Now when I go to the mall and I see all the teeny boppers schmoogling in the corners and trying to get some "makeout" time in while they are away from their parents, I cringe. Thinking that someday they will regret that. So many kids think they know what "love" is and will do ANYTHING to get it.

So, why get married so young? or wait until you're older? My personal theory *** WARNING: PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENSE TO THIS! JUST A PERSONAL OPINION***
is that, those that get married younger, most do it because they don't want to live together or they are "waiting until they're married", which is great! But, you've waited 19 years... wait 4 more years! I don't know... anyways... and those that are waiting until they are 30, most already cohabitat and have all the benefits of being married anyways... so what's the point of getting that "marriage license". Just my personal theory. Sorry if I offended anyone in saying that. I know it's not true for all cases, it's just what I was kind of thinking,.

So, what is the appropriate age to "get married"? and what about this whole "open marriage" thing?

*I thought about saving this post until Valentine's Day...but it's been on my mind and I haven't updated in awhile... so here ya go! it is what it is.*


Design Gal said...

amen sista! I totally agree and think the whole "open marriage" thing is sad. Whatever happened to monogomy? Augh...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the word schmoogling!
And nice little ramble. You're a regular blogger.

Twin XL said...

I am really amazed there are people who believe in open sad :(