Friday, January 2, 2009

What Will 2009 Bring?

Well, 2008 was a great year! Let's look back on some highlights:
My niece, Kadence, had her first birthday party! I cannot believe how much she has grown this year. She is adorable! :-) She is about to be 2 years old! Unbelievable!

In March I saw my first screening of Invisible Children and really felt called to go to Africa. I had the offer to go with my friend Tara in May 2008, but turned it down. Ended up that my time would come the following May! I will be going in May 2009!!!

We celebrated Easter in Ohio with my aunt and uncle and their family. Julianne was in Israel at this time, and Hannah and her husband are missing as well as Chase's wife Clarissa who got married this year.I finished my first year of Nursing School! :-) It was a very intense year, and it seems to just keep getting more intense. But these girls are like my family. We've even added some new additions to the bunch. I love nursing school, and yet I hate it. It is very hard, but I love these girls and I love learning the stuff.
I went and saw the former president Bill Clinton speak.
I worked at HealthSouth for the summer and made some great friends. I loved working there and loved my patients as well.
I went on vacation with Matt's family to Tennessee to Pigeon Forge.

Emily and I went to Washington D.C. and met Mandy Patinkin and saw Regina Spektor Live!

I started my second year of nursing school. Matt moved to Chicago.

My cousin, Chase, got married to beautiful Clarissa. They had such a fun wedding! :-)

I decided to go to Africa in May 2009, and started raising money.

I tried being vegetarian, it only lasted a week.

Matt and I went 2 months without seeing on another. He came home for Fall Break for 4 days. (that picture was driving back to the airport)

I had my best friend's bridal shower.

I made my first trip to visit Matt in Chicago!

I had the pleasure of being Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding. :-)

I celebrated 3 years of dating with Matt.

I got to spend Christmas with my wonderful family, (just to prove how much a year can change things... look at the first picture on this blog and look at this next one... she's grown so much!) and brought in 2009 with great friends!

2008 was a great year! I know that 2009 will bring lots of life changing things. I can't wait!!! :-)

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Twin XL said...

Thanks for sharing all your pics....your niece is just adorable :)