Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Update (a little late)

So, lately I've been really pondering this whole blog thing. I really do not know if I want to keep it or not. I feel like it could be good... but I just feel as though it's a waste of my time. I look at all these blogs and they are so fancy and so many people read them. I don't really know what to do to get more people to read, or if anyone does for that matter.....

So... this may be my last post. I don't know. We will see what the New Year brings.

Any advice from you popular bloggers out there?!

Well... Christmas. It was great this year!

It was a lot different too though. Every year it feels less and less like Christmas. I guess that comes with age. I honestly shed a tear Christmas morning because I didn't want to grow up. As much as I think about it every single day, how ready I am to grow up and start my life... Christmas morning I was just not all about growing up.

Anyways... enough of the sap story and onto the presents. Let me remind you, that the only thing I asked for was an Ipod Nano, cleaning supplies, and long sleeve shirts.

My wonderful boyfriend and I exchanged presents on Christmas Eve. We couldn't wait anymore. He got me this bad boy:A baby blue Nintendo DS lite. I've wanted one for like 2 years now. So excited! I've been playing that bad boy a lot!!!

My parents got me a new ipod nano. ORANGE in fact! :-) love it! it's so tiny! I got $55.00 worth of ITunes gift cards from people. I've been putting those to good use the past few days.I also got a docking station and a work out arm band for it. My IPod is now fully accessorized! haha
They also got me some clothes, TONS of cleaning supplies (I hate spending money on cleaning supplies. I think I'm good for at least the next sememster!) A new thermos that says "STUDENT NURSE" on it, and a new bag that says NURSING STUDENT on it.
My grandma got me these awesome new boots!So cute right?! I've worn them pretty much everyday.

I'm sure that's not everything I got... but that's all I can remember right now.

I've really been enjoying my break. I got back to school in less than a week and it's safe to say that I am absolutely dreading it. I am so not ready to start studying again. Last semester really burned me out and I know this semester is going to be tough. I'm just trying to enjoy these last few days of freedom.

I am really excited for 2009. I know it is going to be an exciting year. It is hopefully going to hold a lot of exciting and life changing events.

New Year post coming tomorrow!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Holidays (and Exposaroonie Challenge)

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!! I become so nostalgic this time of year. I've been thinking a lot about the past. Every time, I can't believe how old I'm starting to feel. I feel like I'm really growing up now. I'm starting to feel like an adult. It's crazy!!!

Friday I went to a cookie exchange with a handful of my close girl friends from high school. We were all pretty close back then. They all still keep in touch, and I keep in touch with a few of them, but for the most part I havn't seen some of them since graduation night. That's so sad. It was great to catch up with all of them. We're all so grown up and have serious boyfriends. Next year, I"m sure we'll all be getting engaged and married even. So insane!

Anyways... the older I get, the more I realize how silly the cultural view on Christmas really is. When I was in high school, I wrote an article for the newspaper about how Christmas in our world would not have even happened if Jesus had not happened. SOOOO Many people have no idea and do not even think about this fact during the holidays beyond the plastic nativity scene in front of some houses. The whole buying presents for people is really starting to really come to mind more often. I just do not understand why we all spend so many THOUSANDS Of dollars every year for THINGS. I honestly do not want anything this year. I would love to donate the money to people who need it. But, sadly, I think it wouldn't feel like Christmas. My mom loves to buy for people so I am sure that I got plenty of gifts. I am so excited, don't get me wrong. I even bought presents and spent way too much money. But I have my mom's genes in tha sense. I love to buy things for people. It's really exciting to see people open their gifts.

Sorry for my slight rant, or expression of feelings I guess.... moving on tooo... EXPOSAROONIE!

Here is my entry for the Tis the Season Challenge:

The True Reason for the Season :-)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... :-)

So, Matt will be home tomorrow night!! YAY!!!!!! I am so anxious to spend a whole month with him!

I've been trying to pass the time by doing a lot of baking with my grandma.
The best part of baking..... testing out the goods!

So I think in my second life I should have been a baker... or should be a baker. LOL! Maybe not getting accepted to nursing school the first 3 times was a sign that I should go to culinary arts school. Oh well.... 2 things to go on top of the wedding registry when/if that day ever comes. A Kitchen Aid mixer and a Wilton Cake Decorating kit. :-)

I got my grades back tonight. I got a 3.26. Not so bad... straight B student as always. HEHE! I got an A in piano though. Thanks to that 1 credit class it got me that .26!! WAHOO! HEHE!

Right now I'm going to go watch The Dark Knight with my dad and brother since my dinner date plans with Tiffany and Tara got canceled due to the crazy blizzard we all of a sudden got this afternoon. Snow and me have a love/hate relationship.... it always seems to ruin my plans.

I'm probably going to go eat a few cookies right now as well... I'm getting F-A-T again. Looks like the new year will bring me to dust off that Weight Watchers book and that exercise ball and hopefully Christmas will bring me a brand spankin' new IPod to make that work out experience even better.

One week from today is Christmas Eve EVE!! that's crazy!! :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding.

So I've been M.I.A for awhile now.... Finals week kicked my butt, well... this semester really kicked my butt. But I am finally on CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!! I finished my last final on Thursday morning. I came home and got everything ready for my weekend.

I was maid of honor in my best friend, Laura's, wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and she made a gorgeous bride. Here is the weekend in pictures:

The Bride! Friday afternoon we went to the reception hall and decorated for the reception.

The Centerpieces...

The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner went really well. Afterwards, Laura and I just had a chill night. No crazy party or anything. A close friend of hers came over and did Mary Kay facials for us and we had sparkling cider and chocolate truffles. Then we just laid in bed and laughed about silly girl stuff. It was a fun night. :-)

Saturday morning we woke up way early and all of us bridesmaids and Laura's mom went to breakfast with the bride :-). Then we went to get our hair done.

That's the back of my hair. I LOVED IT! I have NO IDEA how the girl got my short hair to look like this but she did it. Amazing. LOL

We then went to the church to get some before pictures done with her family and the bridesmaids. Then we had some time to kill.....
Before we got to walk down the aisle.... (sorry these are blurry, my parents took them with their new camera that they have yet to figure out how to work properly.... HEHE!)

Beautiful Bride:
The ceremony was beautiful. I'll leave out the details for the whole world... but let's just say I did a little something to make it America's Funniest Home videos worthy....

The reception was beautiful!
Best Friends :-)
First Dance--The Deleurere's :-)Me and my good friend, Ed, who we joked was my replacement since Matt couldn't be there. HEHE!

The Cake
The Happy Couple :-) Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and to see how God blesses your marriage!

I'm just enjoying the rest of my break. Hopefully I will be updating more frequently... I've been so out of touch. HEHE!

Today I'm going to bake cookies with my grandma. She's teaching me how to make cream horns. I love baking and I need to learn all her recipes before I have to start doing all this stuff myself. HEHE!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas. Conspiracy. Finals.

So this is a big mess of a blog entry... but this is kind of what's on my mind lately.

Yesterday, my mom and I were talking on the phone, and she said "it's just not gonna be a 15 present each kind of Christmas". In the past, I've always been kind of competitive as to having more gifts than my brothers, and that's usually always happened. I told mom "that's not what Christmas is about, and I don't even care. All I asked for was money for my Africa trip" She told me that she got me some things, but it wasn't going to be as much in the past. Knowing my mom it is still a lot. It may not seem like a lot to us who have money, and want IPhones and laptops and cars and all these big things, but to those who get NOTHING for Christmas it is a TON of stuff. My friend Tara posted this on her blog:

That's exactly what I want this year. I served dinner at a homeless shelter in Morgantown over fall break, and they told me that the kids need educational things. Yes... there are KIDS living in a homeless shelter. I think people of Morgantown have NO IDEA the poverty of some of the people that live there. They just over look it. Out of sight, out of mind. So, I'm hoping when I go home I can get in touch with the director there and find out how many kids are there and get them school supplies and educational things to play with. I'm not saying that to brag and say how great I am and pat myself on the back, but I just want people to realize that people are starving. People have NOTHING. I have EVERYTHING I could ever need. My family is together, and amazing, and everyone is happy. I have a wonderful boyfriend and his family is amazing. I have love. I have such a heart for those who are underpriviledged. I can't wait to go to Africa in May and do what I can to make a difference.

Will you join the conspiracy this Christmas?! Every little thing helps. I'm not saying I'm not getting anyone anything for Christmas, I've already spent too much money myself. But I LOVE to get people gifts. I love it. I would rather give presents than get them. But, I am also going to do some good. I encourage everyone to that this holiday season. Spread a little love and make this world a better place.

Now.... tomorrow is my last day of class for the semester! I can't even believe it! It makes me so happy! I have a final Monday, one Tuesday, and one Thursday morning. Then it's HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! :-) YAY!!!! I'm so excited to bake cookies and I watch Christmas movies. I feel like I havn't got to do any of that yet. I didn't even decorate my dorm room this year... sad... I'm so ready to go home!!! My first weekend home is my best friend's wedding!! I can't believe she is getting married in 9 days!!!!!!!! :-) I'm so excited for her and Zach!!