Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas. Conspiracy. Finals.

So this is a big mess of a blog entry... but this is kind of what's on my mind lately.

Yesterday, my mom and I were talking on the phone, and she said "it's just not gonna be a 15 present each kind of Christmas". In the past, I've always been kind of competitive as to having more gifts than my brothers, and that's usually always happened. I told mom "that's not what Christmas is about, and I don't even care. All I asked for was money for my Africa trip" She told me that she got me some things, but it wasn't going to be as much in the past. Knowing my mom it is still a lot. It may not seem like a lot to us who have money, and want IPhones and laptops and cars and all these big things, but to those who get NOTHING for Christmas it is a TON of stuff. My friend Tara posted this on her blog:

That's exactly what I want this year. I served dinner at a homeless shelter in Morgantown over fall break, and they told me that the kids need educational things. Yes... there are KIDS living in a homeless shelter. I think people of Morgantown have NO IDEA the poverty of some of the people that live there. They just over look it. Out of sight, out of mind. So, I'm hoping when I go home I can get in touch with the director there and find out how many kids are there and get them school supplies and educational things to play with. I'm not saying that to brag and say how great I am and pat myself on the back, but I just want people to realize that people are starving. People have NOTHING. I have EVERYTHING I could ever need. My family is together, and amazing, and everyone is happy. I have a wonderful boyfriend and his family is amazing. I have love. I have such a heart for those who are underpriviledged. I can't wait to go to Africa in May and do what I can to make a difference.

Will you join the conspiracy this Christmas?! Every little thing helps. I'm not saying I'm not getting anyone anything for Christmas, I've already spent too much money myself. But I LOVE to get people gifts. I love it. I would rather give presents than get them. But, I am also going to do some good. I encourage everyone to that this holiday season. Spread a little love and make this world a better place.

Now.... tomorrow is my last day of class for the semester! I can't even believe it! It makes me so happy! I have a final Monday, one Tuesday, and one Thursday morning. Then it's HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! :-) YAY!!!! I'm so excited to bake cookies and I watch Christmas movies. I feel like I havn't got to do any of that yet. I didn't even decorate my dorm room this year... sad... I'm so ready to go home!!! My first weekend home is my best friend's wedding!! I can't believe she is getting married in 9 days!!!!!!!! :-) I'm so excited for her and Zach!!


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Anonymous said...

So Katie, I was speaking with some agency people the past two days about homeless issues and they informed me that as of yesterday Dec. 4, the Monongalia Councty school systme has 100 kids that are homeless.