Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding.

So I've been M.I.A for awhile now.... Finals week kicked my butt, well... this semester really kicked my butt. But I am finally on CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!! I finished my last final on Thursday morning. I came home and got everything ready for my weekend.

I was maid of honor in my best friend, Laura's, wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and she made a gorgeous bride. Here is the weekend in pictures:

The Bride! Friday afternoon we went to the reception hall and decorated for the reception.

The Centerpieces...

The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner went really well. Afterwards, Laura and I just had a chill night. No crazy party or anything. A close friend of hers came over and did Mary Kay facials for us and we had sparkling cider and chocolate truffles. Then we just laid in bed and laughed about silly girl stuff. It was a fun night. :-)

Saturday morning we woke up way early and all of us bridesmaids and Laura's mom went to breakfast with the bride :-). Then we went to get our hair done.

That's the back of my hair. I LOVED IT! I have NO IDEA how the girl got my short hair to look like this but she did it. Amazing. LOL

We then went to the church to get some before pictures done with her family and the bridesmaids. Then we had some time to kill.....
Before we got to walk down the aisle.... (sorry these are blurry, my parents took them with their new camera that they have yet to figure out how to work properly.... HEHE!)

Beautiful Bride:
The ceremony was beautiful. I'll leave out the details for the whole world... but let's just say I did a little something to make it America's Funniest Home videos worthy....

The reception was beautiful!
Best Friends :-)
First Dance--The Deleurere's :-)Me and my good friend, Ed, who we joked was my replacement since Matt couldn't be there. HEHE!

The Cake
The Happy Couple :-) Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and to see how God blesses your marriage!

I'm just enjoying the rest of my break. Hopefully I will be updating more frequently... I've been so out of touch. HEHE!

Today I'm going to bake cookies with my grandma. She's teaching me how to make cream horns. I love baking and I need to learn all her recipes before I have to start doing all this stuff myself. HEHE!


Julia said...

hey katy!! glad you came over and checked out the blog. your friend was a beautiful bride!!! so much fun.

Dorm Bedding said...

Great your hair, too!!!