Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... :-)

So, Matt will be home tomorrow night!! YAY!!!!!! I am so anxious to spend a whole month with him!

I've been trying to pass the time by doing a lot of baking with my grandma.
The best part of baking..... testing out the goods!

So I think in my second life I should have been a baker... or should be a baker. LOL! Maybe not getting accepted to nursing school the first 3 times was a sign that I should go to culinary arts school. Oh well.... 2 things to go on top of the wedding registry when/if that day ever comes. A Kitchen Aid mixer and a Wilton Cake Decorating kit. :-)

I got my grades back tonight. I got a 3.26. Not so bad... straight B student as always. HEHE! I got an A in piano though. Thanks to that 1 credit class it got me that .26!! WAHOO! HEHE!

Right now I'm going to go watch The Dark Knight with my dad and brother since my dinner date plans with Tiffany and Tara got canceled due to the crazy blizzard we all of a sudden got this afternoon. Snow and me have a love/hate relationship.... it always seems to ruin my plans.

I'm probably going to go eat a few cookies right now as well... I'm getting F-A-T again. Looks like the new year will bring me to dust off that Weight Watchers book and that exercise ball and hopefully Christmas will bring me a brand spankin' new IPod to make that work out experience even better.

One week from today is Christmas Eve EVE!! that's crazy!! :-)

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Oh, those cream horns look sooo yummy :)