Monday, February 16, 2009

4 Miles... WHAT?!

Yes I did run 4 miles on this bad boy today!!! WAHOOO!!!!! Now my Left Knee feels like a knife is going through it so I will be taking the day off from exercise tomorrow. Yes indeed. But 4 miles people! That's like a million for me!! I haven't run 4 miles in my whole life i don't think. NEVER!!

We used to have to run 2 miles for lacrosse practice everyday and even that was a struggle.

I'm a little excited about this if you can't tell... LOL! Now when am I going to see the results of this working out?! Hmmmm???!


shan said...

awwww yeah! you go girl! 4 miles is GREAT! keep it up and send a little of your motivation my way!

Twin XL said...

I started working out a few months ago.....still not liking it :(