Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fashion Week:: DAY ONE!

So, my favorite blogger, Emery, over at Moms Are For Everyone is doing a fall fashion week started by THIS GIRL. and seeing as though I do love fall clothes I decided I would join in the fun!!

The plan is to take a picture of your fall attire every day this week (the 19th-23rd).

Here is Day One::(I had to use my webcam, so it took me forever to get a decent shot, sorry about that!)
I LOVE big plaid shirts in the fall. This is a man's Large shirt from Goodwill that I found. It's a little big, but I'm loving it on this 54 degree fall day.

Skinny jeans are my favorite. I hardly ever wear any other type of jean these days. I think I only have 1 pair of flares left actually. I think skinny jeans make me feel "skinnier" which is amazing... hehe!

This knit Barret hat is my absolute favorite. I wear it too much probably. I have about 3 of them. I am probably going to acquire one in every color before this winter is over. Love them! :-)

So there you have it! Day One! Tomorrow is a lazy day off for me, so we'll see if I manage to throw on anything cute! haha!


Emery Jo said...

SO cute!!! I need to find myself some flannel shirts... I LOVE them.

jilian dee said...

looove fannel too about the only print I'll wear (you'll notice i really only wear two colors, black and white haha oh wells)

marla said...

ah, what a perfect fall outfit! i also love plaid shirts & berets for fall.

MOM said...

And I spend MONEY for clothes and you buy men's shirts from Goodwill. Oh my.............


Mama Bird said...

That's awesome.

I wore my husbands work shirts a lot when I was pregnant.

I was planning on wearing one of them this week! So cute!

Twin XL said...

Skinny jeans are one of my faves, too :)