Friday, October 2, 2009

23 years.

I am 23 years old today.

My dad asked me this morning "Do You feel old?!" I thought about it for a second and replied "yeah! actually I kind of do". I really feel like I am growing up. I feel like 23 years OLD is appropriate. I do feel like of "mature" and like I'm REALLY and adult now. Even though I am still in college, I feel like I am a grown up. I'm sure next year will be a different story and I will REALLY feel old when I have an apartment, a husband, a new job, and a new last name. whoa.

This is going to be an amazing year. I am so excited for it! But before I get too excited, let's reflect on the last year of 22 years of age.

1.) I finished junior year of nursing school.
2.) I was in my best friend's wedding.

3.) I got a new baby niece.
4.) I worked as a nurse extern.
5.) Um... I went to AFRICA! holy cow!

6.) I got ENGAGED!
7.) I started planning the wedding of my dreams! :-) Bought my wedding dress! (such a special day with my mom and Matt's mom) You'll have to wait for a picture of that one! ;-) hehe!
8.) I started my senior year of nursing school (218 days until graduation!)
9.) I learned a lot about myself.
10.) I started working out a lot more!
11.) I was in my cousin, Audrey's wedding. (lots of weddings to come as well!)

Those are just a few of the wonderful things that happened in my year of being 22 years old. HEHE!

This next year will bring LOTS of exciting things as well.
1.) Wedding Planning
2.) Graduation
3.) Shalane and Tom's Wedding
4.) Jeremy and Kim's Wedding
5.) My Bridal Shower
6.) Ashley and Martin's Wedding
7.) Travis and Alex's Wedding
(do you see a pattern here?!?! that's a LOT of weddings. tis the time in our lives for WEDDINGS!)
8.) Taking My Boards
9.) MATT & I's WEDDING!!!!!!!!
10.) Honeymoon in JAMAICA!!!!
11.) Move to Chicago!! (live out of state for the first time)
12.) Be a nurse!!!

And of course, many many unplanned and unexpected things. I do believe this is going to be one of the best years of my life!

So pumped!!!



Julia said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! What an awesome 24th year to come!

T@R@ said...

happy birthday!! 23 is when i started to feel "adult-y" as i'm just an old 28 year old ;) are in for an exciting year...hope it will be one of the best yet! <3

Shalane said...

You are awesome! This year is going to be SO exciting and so bittersweet. We are no longer young kids, my friend. I'm so blessed to have my "OLDEST" friend with me on my wedding day! It's wonderful...I don't really remember ever not knowing you!

I'm glad your birthday was so special! Just like you! :)

Twin XL said...

Oh, I WISH I were 23 again!!!!