Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weather, Week Update, and Exciting things!

So it is absolutely FREEZING!! Where was the ease into the cold weather?! It literally went from 80's to 50's. Come on fall! You can't do that to me! You have to go down at least by 10 degrees instead of 30 degrees in like 2 days!!! WHEW!!!

It's exciting to break out all your cold weather clothes though. It's like a whole new wardrobe! So fun every year. I've busted out the Barret hats like this

(by the way, I fell in love with these type of hats when Kirsten Dunst rocked it in Elizabethtown). So cute.

Also, I've pulled out the coats and sweatshirts. BRRRR!!!!!

Exciting news::: My sister-in-law had her baby last week! (sorry for the delay in posting)... Baby AVA NOELLE arrived last Wednesday night. She's adorable! She had to spend a couple days and nights in the NICU at the hospital. But she is home now and doing great! Apparently, her 2 and a 1/2 year older sister, Kadence, said "Ava, come play baby dolls" and my brother and sister-in-law basically melted with cuteness (i know I did when I heard this story). They had to explain to her that Ava is a BABY and can't do those things yet but someday she will. Adorable.

This past week has been pretty exciting as far as my countdowns go. *Side note: I am a huge countdown person. I need to see the progress and know that I am getting closer to exciting things*
So, as of YESTERDAY-- 2 WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO SEE MY FIANCE!!!! He is flying home for his Fall Break. I'm so excited!!!
Second-- So this one is a little complicated. Our wedding is July 31st. Well, there is no 31st in some months, like September, so I am basing the countdown from TODAY.... sooooo.....


Also, 2 days until my 23rd Birthday!!! No big plans this year. Just going to get some food friday night (possibly sushi) with some girl friends. Then going home Saturday night to have dinner with my parents and grandma and to see my NEW BABY NIECE!!!! I saw her in the NICU with all the tubes and stuff attached. I can't wait to see her cute baby cheeks!

So there you have it. The update. :-) I'm going to try to be a better blogger and hope that people comment to motivate me to blog more. HAHA! ;-) take that as a hint.

**edited to add::**

Check out this amazing fall giveaway over at the oh so adorable blog of Talia from "this little life of mine". I want some fall goodness and I'm sure you do too!! check it out!!!

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Twin XL said...

It's now transitioning from the 50's to the 80' happy for that :)