Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bon Appetit!!!!

Just call me Julia Child!!!

Well, my summer is drawing to an end. Back to school in just a few days. I've been trying to pack things up and not having much motivation to do so. I just keep thinking that if I just don't pack things up maybe I won't have to go back.... I don't think it's going to work though.

Anyways... the other day my Grandma bought me a Better Homes and Garden Cook Book like the one she has used for MANY MANY years. I was so excited! She told me I better start practicing since I am going to have to cook for Matt next year. So, I took her words and put them to practice!

I made dinner for my parents, grandma and my fiance the other day! It was SOOO good too!!

I made:: Pepper Lime chicken (on a BROILER none the less!); Parmessan Crusted Potatoe Wedges, green beans and corn (sukatash {spelling}?) and then fresh tomatoes cut up. I even served everything on nice serving platters and had nice place settings. Even put limes and lemons on the iced tea glasses! ;-)

Here are some pictures:::

Anyways, back to school on Sunday.... UGH!


T@R@ said...

looks yummy!

Twin XL said...

Everything looks soooo yummy!