Sunday, November 2, 2008

$5.00 Prom

Halloween was fun this year! I planned a $5.00 prom for the group that I'm in on campus called Campus Crusade For Christ. "Cru".... The goal is to be as cheap and well... as ugly as possible really...

It was so much fun! I went all out with the cheesy stereotypical prom stuff.

Here are some pictures from the night.Me and my hott date, Lauren!
(that's me in the blonde wig if you couldn't tell!)
Me and Jordan... so funny. Becca and I. She helped me plan the whole thing.

It was so much fun! I set up the nice photo background like Prom... it was hysterical.
We Bobbed for Apples...

We Danced like crazy!
We played this nasty game....

It's hard to see.... but they are feeding them baby food and whoever finished the jar first won. It was really funny!

We had Prom King and Prom Queen.... Matt and Becca. LOL!

It was a really fun night. Afterwards I went to one of my friends' house party for a little bit...
I went as Sandy From Grease... and my friend Rayner was the chick from the Guns N Roses November Rain video and her boyfriend was Axel Rose. They were too cute. :-)

It was a great Halloween.

Yesterday we had our Community Baby Shower for our Maternity Nursing Class. I am so glad it's over. The planning for it was intense. It was starting to take over our lives. It went really well though and we actually had a lot of pregnant women and families come through. We gave away a TON of prizes (a baby crib, stroller, mom massages, make up, gift certificates, bassinet's, and all kinds of goodies) and we had different information there too... WIC was there, a group of midwives from town, and family dentists, and each of the nursing students had different stations... mine was Infant Care so I gave away pacifier's and talked about how to handle your baby and take care of the umbilical cord, circumcision care, etc. It was really good.

Now back to studying. I can't even believe it.... but there are only 4 weeks left in this semester (excluding the week I have off for Thanksgiving Break!) I can't believe this semester is almost over... but I have TONS of work to do before then. So.... back to that...

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! :-)

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