Friday, November 14, 2008

2 down, 3 to go!!!!

Well.... one week down of my 2 weeks from you know where!!!

I did pretty well on my maternity test today I believe. Studied pretty much my life away for it though.... My test Wednesday wasn't so hot. It was really hard. I don't know what I got on it, and I'm kind of wondering if I really want to know.

My room is a DISASTER right now. I have dirty dishes that umm... well let's just say I would have to wash something if I want to eat anything because all of my dishes are dirty (not that I have that many... but still...) my laundry bag is overflowing and I have not cleaned the bathroom in oh.. about 2 weeks (my suitemates might have done it once in there...LOL). So... right now, it's Friday afternoon.. and my "me time" (i forget what that even means..) is going to be spent CLEANING!!!! and listening to music of course. Maybe a little dancing around the room... HAHA!

Then, dinner and back to studying for my 3 tests next week. I honestly told someone today that I am anxious for finals week because I'm pretty sure it'll be easier than this past week and next. INSANITY!!!!!!!!

CHICAGO HERE I COME!!!!! :-) We're driving home Wednesday before Thanksgiving together to spend Thanksgiving here of course and then he'll go back on Monday after Thanksgiving. I can't wait to spend OVER A WEEK WITH HIM!!!!! I've seen him 4 days in 3 months!!!! That's just not fair. HEHE!!!

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Tiffany said...

You are too cute. Your relationship is cute. I freaking love your life.

Good luck with tests... I'll be praying for you!