Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Lately I have come to the conclusion that LIFE is absolutely a crazy thing. We go around living our daily lives, having this plan of what is going to happen each day. Some days those things are completely different than what we expected. Sometimes this completely ruins our day, or it makes our day so much better.
College makes life especially crazy. They say that this should be the best time of our lives. We're being educated, most of us are out there having fun and making new friends, but at the same time, most of us are going stir crazy from stress. Going out of our minds trying to get good grades, manage time between friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, going to our clubs and groups, and having time for ourselves. Now I am pretty sure that all this stress we put on ourselves is in fact taking years AWAY from our life. Really, we're just losing days off our life when we get stressed out over a test, or a paper, or managing time. and for what?! This education that will send us straight to our jobs, straight to a working lifestyle of , in most cases, even more stress. Then, we'll get married. MORE STRESS! then... we'll start having babies.... and the stress levels begin to hit maximum capacity. At that point of babies running around and growing up, what our parents always told us of "you're on my last nerve" will be true. Because from high school decisions of where to go to college stresses most out, or even the stress of becoming a teenager, all this until the day we die!!! life is all about managing stress.

So, today I realize that life is most definitely a CRAZY thing and that I need to manage stress more efficiently. Instead of living my life for today, and making my own expectations, to rely more on God and what He is going to do with my day, and my life.


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Diana Whitehair said...

Great WORDS KT.....Now just believe them and practice them. God KNOWS the PLANS HE has for YOU, PLANS to GIVE you a HOPE and a FUTURE. Follow his plans.

Love, MOM..........We are very proud of you no matter what you do. You have made us very, very proud.