Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What this is all about....

So I suppose before I posted all that crazy stuff I should say what this blog is for. In high school I wrote from the local newspaper. I love writing and when i graduated I no longer had a way of getting my thoughts out to the world. When writing for the Dominion Post I got to voice my opinion on tons of issues. Well for example, one I thought of just this morning was how our culture kind of shoves Thanksgiving aside in our world today. With decorations for CHristmas already being put up on High Street this morning I was reminded of that article I once wrote.

With this blog I hope to get those same issues discussed and for those people who ask me if I am a journalism major because of what I wrote in high school can now read this blog and read some articles that I wrote then, and things I will be writing now.
I'll try to update everyday or every couple days whenever something comes to mind!

Hope you enjoy reading... Not sure if this will fall through or if anyone will actually care... but just thought I'd give it a shot!

MAKE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS LETTING ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Feel free to let me know even if it's a negative comment or you don't agree with what I say! :-)


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Shalane said...

I miss those days! I loved writing for the paper. :)Haha...you could say that was the actual start to our friendship...right? Haha...it's been so long, I can't remember.