Friday, August 3, 2007


So, I just got back from vacation!! YAY!!!!

I left Monday evening with my wonderful friend Tess B. and we headed to a city right outside of Baltimore, MD.. the city of Dundalk. Tess' aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins live there and we decided to go on a mini vacation and see her family and spend some time in the Inner Harbor Baltimore. I love it there! It is so
nice. So, we headed out on Monday evening. We arrived late that night and pretty much just crashed.
We woke up Tuesday morning and her Uncle, Cousin Becky, Tess, and I hoped in the car and made the 2 and a 1/2 hour trip to Ocean City, MD. We spent the entire day on the boardwalk and the beach. We had an old time picture taken and just spent some time in different shops and things.
We tried on these goofy hats and sunglasses in the kite shop. It was pretty funny. We swam in the ocean for a couple hours and laid on the beach for a little bit. Then we got some Thrasher friends and We played some skee ball in the arcade. I did WAY better than i thought I would considering it's been quite sometime since I have played. A funny story from skee ball... after I was done spending my $3.00 limit of quarters I set for myself I pulled off what I thought was my very long strand of tickets from the old rusted skee ball ticket machine right beside me to my right.... well...the boy beside me gave me a kind of funny look.. but I didnt think much of it, and waited for Tess to get done with her skee ball games. She grabbed her tickets FROM HER LEFT. and I suddenly realized why the boy beside me had given me such a weird, disturbed kind of look before. I TOOK HIS TICKETS!!!! HAHAHAA!!! oops! After hour skee ball session, and our Thrasher fries, we headed back to her aunt and uncle's house and crashed for the night.

Wednesday morning we woke up and headed to the Inner Harbor. We went straight to the Aquarium because we weren't sure how long we would need to go all the way through the aquarium and see all the exhibits. As we begin walking around the aquarium, we realized that for some CRAZY reason, every single parent on the face of the Earth, and every kid summer camp decided to bring the kids out for a nice day at the
aquarium. Now, I absolutely love children. I mean, I think it is what I want to do with my life, be a pediatric nurse! However, after walking around for approximately 15 minutes at the kid infested National Aquarium, I pretty much made the decision that I never wanted to have children. The reasonS being that, Kids these days seem to have NO care for rules, or other people, or what their parents say! I mean, I know that when I was a child I didn't always want to do what my parents told me to, and at times I am sure I threw a little hissy fit, but I always did it. Kids these days just completely ignore their parents, disobey, and through complete and utter tantrums when they don't get their way!!! I can't believe how parents just give in to whatever their child wants! And the kids would just push you out of the way and squeeze right through you to get to what they wanted to see, and then the parents were all running around trying to watch where their kid was. Tess and I went through that aquarium so fast, we saw a few things we wanted to see after pushing our way through the masses of children, and adults with HUGE metal backpacks on their backs with little children hanging on for dear life. I HATE those stupid backpacks and I HATE those leashes parents put on their children. However, I do confess that after seeing all the kids running around, I can understand how every parent in their would want to put their child on a leash! It was CRAZY!

Alright, enough of my ranting. I do want to have children someday... but not for a VERY VERY long time. I can only pray that my children have the fear of disappointing their parents, or the fear of getting in trouble like Tess and I were talking about ourselves having when we were youngins'.

So we made our way to the dolphin show at the aquarium. Seeing the dolphins took me back to my younger days of the couple years I wanted to be a MARINE BIOLOGIST! Then I thought back to the one biology class I had at WVU, and instantly decided that I had better stick with getting through Nurs
ing School. haha!

After the rendezvous with the flipping dolphins, we headed to LUNCH! We decid
ed that since neither of us had ever been to the Cheesecake factory that we should try it out. OOOOOO MMMMYYYY GOOOODDDNEESS have I been missing out! The food was AMAZING, the drink I had was AMAZING, and after eating our lunch we had no room for cheesecake at that moment.

so we decided to go back after a few hours of shopping and get our slice of cheesecake.
I got the original with strawberries on top. It was soooooooo good!

After our long day at the harbor, her uncle picked us up and we headed back to their house for a crab feast dinner! i was SOOOOO Excited to have Maryland crabs! i hadn't had crab for 2 years, the last time we went to the beach! I was so pumped! i ate 3 crabs! Immediately after, I became sooooo sick! I guess the combination fo not having seafood for a long time, and the amount of food I had eatin' that day hit me. I was so stuffed, and my stomache was NOT happy. I took some of that great tasting chalk called, Pepto Bismol, and went right to sleep. I woke up the next morning feeling much better, but it was not a fun night before I fell asleep! whew!

Tess and I woke up the next morning and headed back home. we stopped at Haggerstown Prime Outlets. With the little money I had left, I began entering the shops, and leaving empty handed. As Tess and I walked around the corner after going through about 10 shops. Before my eyes, I saw a heavenly sign. THe sign read "VANS outlet". OOO MY! I told Tess I was going there, and she said "alright, call me when you're done". About an hour or so later, maybe 45 minutes... a LONG time though... I called Tess and said "I just left the VANS store. Where are you?" She was like "WHAT!?" Let's just say that it is a VERY good thing that the VANS outlet is not close to Morgantown, WV, because I would be constantly BROKE. I bought a new pair of shoes, matt a new pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, a scarf, and a long sleeve shirt all for the price that I would have paid for one pair of shoes at the regular VANS store or at a store here in Morgantown. They were having a HUUUGE sale. It was amazing!

We finally made it home from our very busy trip. It was a blast!

So today, Matt and I headed up to Pittsburgh, PA to go to Kennywood amusement park. It was not busy at all, and we pretty much had everything rode in a few hours. So, we rode our favorite rides 2 or 3 times. it was a lot of fun!

Well, this is getting pretty long. My vacation week was GREAT! I had a good time! Now, back to work for 2 weeks, and then off to Wesleyan to be very busy studying all the time!


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