Thursday, July 12, 2007

Before I die....

So for some odd reason, today I started thinking about all the things I want to do before I die. I know that people say "you're too young to think about that..." but hey... let's face it.. in this crazy world we live in today, I could only have one minute left!
*Takes deep gasping breath!*

So here are some of the things I was thinking about today...

1.) Go skydiving (so cliche I know!)
2.) Get a Morkie Puppy
3.) Go to the West Coast or at least go further west than um... well.. Morgantown, WV
4.) Get Married
5.) Become a Nurse and help save lives
6.) Read through the Bible
7.) Move out of my parents house (happening in about 5 weeks.. into the dorms..)
8.) Go to Italy, Australia, and Paris
9.) Run in a marathon
10.) Get my masters degree

11.) Work at St. Judes Children's Hospital

So there you have it... those are just some of the things I was thinking about today as I was cleaning away for my mom because our cleaning lady isn't coming this week... so I get paid to do it! YAY!!!! Better get back to work!!! Mom will be home in a couple hours!

Cleaning toilets is NO FUN!!!!!!!!!!! (Don't I look attractive? HAHA!)

1 comment:

MOM said...

Sound like a long can do them all I'm sure........
Moving out of Mom and Dad's house, huh? Didn't know it was soooo difficult to live with us!!!!! LOL.

Guess what it's on my list too.
1. Have the house to ourselves. LOL....

Love and Many Prayers, MOM