Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summertime! :-)

SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGAN MY FRIENDS!!! and you know how I know this is true? Because today... all I did from 3:40 until 7:40 was read a book!! It was great! and at 7:40.. you know what I did? C'mon.. guess! I WATCHED A MOVIE! and then when that was over... I wasted my life away on the INTERNET! I know, I know... I can't even hardly believe it either... but yes.. i did IN FACT.. RELAX!!! It was a good day! And this whole week is going to be a lot of relaxing with a little goin' to work in between. I am going to read... and sleep in... and work some (only 12 hours this week) and not worry about anyone or what I need to do or who I need to take where or where Kwanita is going to stay or ANYTHING!

I am getting absolutely PUMPED about school! I realized the other day that move in day is 7 weeks from this past Saturday (June 30th) and I am getting so excited! And yet still a little nervous because I still havn't heard who my roommate is and inevitably have yet to talk to her. I can't even hardly wait to hear this news. I know that I need to be patient... but it's 7 weeks folks!!! There are sheets to buy and refrigerators and room decorations and towels and.. whew! I need to get on the ball! I just got my scrubs in the mail this week. Navy blue pants and white tops-Dickies Scrubs! I got a little giddy as I tried them on and looked at myself in the mirror imagining a stethoscope around my neck and walking through the hospital during clinicals in only a few months! It's so exciting, and yet as I was wasting time the other day at Barnes and Nobles while Kwanita stood in the kids section trying to find a book that didn't cost 1 million dollars (children's books are rediculously priced! GEESH!) I was searching through the Nursing and Medical books. I was just flipping through a sort of "Nursing Handbook" ( a small pocket size sort of "cheat book") and realized that I have SOOOOOO much to learn! I couldn't even hardly breathe for just a second with the thought of having to put an I.V. in someone's arm, or having to convert a drug dosage, or AAAHHH!!! I take a few long, deep breaths (okay so I'm exaggerating a little with this... but you get the idea.)

Well... it's late and I'm off to go to SLEEP and SLEEP IN for a good while into the late morning tomorrow! I can't even hardly wait!!

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