Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Epiphany... and the meaning of life.

So, I had an epiphany the other day which inevitably led to a meltdown.... I was working my 4th day in a row with only one day break from 3 days of work... On my way home from this 4th day of work... I realized that from here on out.. I am an adult, which means... I have no more summers off!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been kind of depressed of recent because I am supposed to be on summer break and I am working almost EVERY DAY! Granted... I have my small vacations and the big one coming up in 9 days... but I just realized the other day that never again will I have a 2 month break. I will officially be working (or going to school) for approximately the next 40 some years..... :-( That is slightly depressing. I guess life is all about what you make it. Granted that I know when I get done with nursing school I will have better options and be able to find a job in a hospital or of private practice that I like. I like the rehab hospital because it truly is amazing to see people walking that were told they would never be able to move their legs again. That is truly amazing.. but I don't know. It's such hard work. Part of me thinks a desk job would be nice.... or owning my own little bakery/coffee shop ( a dream of mine.... fantasy I guess...) but... I know that when I am with my patients and I get thank you cards from patients saying how my smile and my taking care of them made their experience so much better... it truly makes me love my job (that happened this week.. I cried).

In other news.... Matt is officially old. He turned 22 on Tuesday. We celebrated his birthday with some relaxing and playing Wii in the afternoon... then we ate dinner with his family (Quesadillas, Queso dip and chips and obviously... Matt's favorite.. chocolate pie!) then the 2 of us went to see The Happening. It was alright... I just felt tense the whole time... but not so much scared or freaked out. I liked it though. I got Matt a webcam since he is going to be 10 hours away from me in just a couple months. He is going to Chicago for Seminary... it's gonna be a long couple years.. it won't be easy.... but I'm anxious to visit chicago and live there when I graduate! :-)

I have tomorrow off so I am taking my niece who is visiting for a few weeks to eat chinese food and see The Kungfu Panda movie and possibly do a little shopping. Then tomorrow night I may just relax or I may go visit matt at the teen camp he is a counselor at this week. We'll see....

Hope everyone is doing well! :-)

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