Friday, June 27, 2008


At 10:30 tonight.... I left HealthSouth Rehab Hospital and I officially began my 9 day VACATION!!!!!!! :-)

I kicked it off by leaving 2 of my favorite patients who won't be there when I get back. :-( .....
I shed a few tears (I tend to get attached very easily but these 2 have been there since I started a month and a half ago...) Anyways.... I got home and talked to my parents for a bit and climbed into bed to check facebook and look for updates on my frequented blogs. Colleen (a blogger I stalk...) and I decided to update mine. She was talking about blogs that we stalk and how we should show ourselves! LOL! Make new blogger friends. Matt makes fun of me because it's as if I can't make real friends, so I have to make internet friends... but it's not that at all! I love to read other people's blogs and see what's going on in people's lives on the complete opposite coast! :-) It's a good time...


Tomorrow I'm gonna spend the morning packing and getting things ready.. then I'm heading to Fairmont to spend the night with Matt and his family and then Sunday after church we're off to the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee!!!!!!!!! :-) We're staying between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg! I'm so ready to just RELAX and not have to work!!! :-) We're going to.... Dollywood!

It's gonna be great! I'll have plenty of pictures and updates when I get back on the 5th!!! Expect great stories! ;-)

And if you're blog stalking me.... leave a comment and show yourself! :-) I'm sure I'd love to read your blog as well!!!!!

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