Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Heart, My Passion---Africa.

In March of last year, I attended a viewing of the documentary Invisible Children. It changed my entire world. I have always had a heart for the less fortunate and for Africa... every time I saw a commercial on tv about Save the Children where they show the starving African children, I would try to convince my mom to let me "adopt one" (support a child). I never have been able to do this, however, in May of this year I am going to Tanzania, Africa for 2 weeks. I am beyond excited. It is actually just now finally begin to hit home that this is ACTUALLY happening. I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO AFRICA!!! It's crazy.

My point though, in this blog is that I encourage each and every 3 people that read this blog.. (hopefully more...) to go to and watch The Rescue video. Invisible Children honestly has changed my whole way of looking at life, it gave me the get up and go to go to Africa, to make a difference. To realize that on those days that I am completely down in the dumbs, and think that my life sucks, it is really not bad at all. I am BLESSED every single day to have a warm bed, running water, and a toilet to use the bathroom in... a roof over my head, food to eat, and a family that loves me, money to go to school, so many clothes that i cannot even wear them all, money to go buy Starbucks coffee, and to eat out and have others serve me...... here we have NO IDEA how lucky we are. We have our technology, and our money, and our cars to get us by. We can just completely overlook the homeless man standing on the corner and shrug him off saying "GO GET A LIFE!".... how could we do that?! We are ALL guilty of this...

I just ask that you take a half an hour of your time... go watch the video. It will change your life... and next time you see someone in need, even just a lady in the airport that has 2 sick children and is trying to carry both of them and her luggage... lend a helping hand. Make the world a better place (I know.. so cliche.. but true!) :-)

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Twin XL said...

I have heard such great things about that documentary....definitely need to rent it :)