Monday, August 23, 2010

Life In Chicago

Well we are all moved into our apartment. Being newlyweds is pretty exciting! Seeing that Matt and I have lived in different time zones for the most part the past 2 years, living in the same 700 square foot area together is pretty awesome! We've been having such a great time getting our apartment all set up and unpacked. Here are some pictures of the place so far.We essentially had no furniture. We brought a futon (donated to us), a desk (mine from years back), a small little cabinet for DVDs, and Matt's grandparents 1950s kitchen table (love it!).

So, we bought ALL of our furniture at IKEA. We made a huge run there the day after we moved in and bought our bed, a bookshelf, TV stand, end tables, and a dresser. So, needless to say we spent the entire day assembling furniture pieces. I'm pretty sure our neighbors below us hated us that day... sorry for the hours of hammering, stomping, nailing, etc.!!!!

And we're starting to make progress!!! We have mostly everything unpacked and assembled! It's really starting to feel like home. :-)

I was sooooo excited about my red retro kitchen! I absolutely LOVE it! :-)
Our 1950's vintage dining room table! We still need some cool chairs to go with that bad boy....
This was my first homecooked meal I made for my husband! It was delicious!!! Chicken, roasted potatoes and broccoli!

I have also established a love for baking over the years thanks to my grandmother. I put that nice shiney new Red kitchenaid mixer to use the other day and made my first HOMEMADE from SCRATCH chocolate cake with chocolate icing!
Every piece of that cake was made with love with my own 2 hands. No box mix or canned icing, just flour, powdered sugar and cocoa all over my kitchen! HAHA! It tasted delicious too!!!

Want the recipe?! Maybe I will post it sometime soon! It wasn't hard at all! Just the icing, I don't really have a recipe for. My grandma was just like "mix some of this, and that and this until it looks right". haha. So it worked out eventually.

So, Matt and I have been enjoying our time together before he starts class Wednesday.

I am loving married life! ;-) The job search is in full force starting Wednesday!

So I think this blog will be more exciting now that I am out of nursing school and in the Big City!!! :-) maybe I will update more often! hehehe!


Anonymous said...

I love your post...I'm so happy for you both..enjoy every moment....
Love MOM

wishful nals said...

married life is good! i love the retro kitchen table!