Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the first month of wedded bliss

Here we are, one month into marriage! CHECK! :-)

So far life is treating us very well! Matt has started classes and is loving them so far! He is really busy, and I am learning to remember how busy he is and to respect his study times. We usually have study dates where I get to sit and read Cosmo magazine and search online for jobs, and he studies vigorously.

I am learning to cook and must say that I impress myself on a nightly basis. So far only 2 nights we have eaten out (one was a gift card, the other half price appetizers with friends). Only one night we have had a fast dinner (Manwich). I have made all sorts of fun dinners and Matt (and on occasion a friend or 2) is loving having homemade dinner every night! I am also baking a lot (the homemade cake, the biscotti...) I haven't made anything lately except sugar free instant butterscotch pudding from a JELLO box, but that counts.... sort of!

Our apartment continues to shape up and we acquire more and more things. We are still in need of a couple pieces of furniture and some decorations... but those will come in time and I love looking and shopping for things!

I have joined the Trinity Wives Fellowship and am loving my small group Bible study ladies! We are already planning a coffee and crafts Saturday morning extravaganza which I am super excited about!

Fall is just around the corner and I am so excited for PUMPKIN smelling things EVERYWHERE!!! :-)

Also, the job search still continues on and I am staying positive with the fact that I know God has a job for me and in time, He will open that door when He is ready! I am so excited to start my nursing career and know it will come in time! :-)

How is everyone else?!

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T@R@ said...

I so didn't know you had a new blog but glad I found it :) Glad to hear that married life is treating you well!