Sunday, September 12, 2010

September is Here. Which means FALL IS COMING!

YAY for FALL!!! These are some of the things I'm looking forward to about fall.


Pumpkin spice lattes! I've only had 1 so far, which my husband surprised me with when he came home from a study session one night last week! :-)


I am loving these calf high boots this year! I am thinking I am going to use some birthday money to purchase a pair next month! :-)

My FALL music playlist:

which consists of ::

*David Gray-- I've recently discovered him and I am loving his music
^Iron & Wine
^Ray Lamontagne (of course. he's my favorite)^ Damien Rice
^The Decemberists

and many many more....

Basically Matt and I have been enjoying the fall weather and trying to be outside some when we can. Throughout the week I am basically on job hunt patrol/obsession and making phone calls every day to try to talk to nurse recruiters. Matt is pretty busy with school. We're getting into the routine of making time for one another though. It's been really good.

Last weekend we went to Lake Bluff, IL for the afternoon and laid on a blanket by the lake. I took a nap and Matt read for school.

We also went to World Market (one of my new favorite stores) and I found a new throw pillow for our bed, which I love!
My brother also made us a smaller painting for our dining room. We're going to have him paint us a larger image for above our couch when we get the chance... here is the one in our dining room.

Yesterday I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. It was inspiring! I am going to start knitting again and doing some crafty things. I may even open an ETSY shop.... who knows!! :-)
We'll see what I can come up with! ;-) In the meantime here is something I came up with a couple weeks ago. We needed some frames in our apartment. So, we had this one lying around and I had some leftover scrapbook paper that i loved from our wedding stationary. So, I put together some of that, some random buttons and yarn... and here is what we got. I am loving it! It's just so different and cute. huh?!

Those are just some updates for now! Hope everyone is doing fantastic!


Anonymous said...

I love your picture you made Katy. It is darling. Really, really like it. I sure have talented children. Kraig's painting looks awesome too.

I love this blog. Keeps me in touch with you.


Rachelle said...

Hi! I found your blog through "Your Wishcake" a blog I follow and apparently you do too! Anyway, I just perused your blog and I just have to comment!

First of all... Your wedding pictures were gorgeous and you and your husband look adorable.

Secondly... I just bought a pair of calf high boots and I must say... DEFINITELY spend your birthday money on them...

Also... I, too, listen to Ray Lamontagne and Damien Rice... my suggestion for you is to add Joshua Radin to that list!

And lastly... that homemade framed stationary/buttons/yarn deal is SO cute. Good Job!

Keep on writing... I'll stay tuned! -Rachelle.

lacy said...

David G and Ray L, yes! Pumpkin things, naturally!