Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Ahead

Well, my husband has class all night tonight 3-9:30 and then all morning/ afternoon tomorrow.... so looks like tonight will be spent on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy reruns and eating snacks I shouldn't be eating. Maybe I will go do some (window) shopping?! Maybe I will work on my knitting project I started 2 weeks ago?! We'll see I guess.

What are you doing this weekend?!?!


Rachelle said...

Old Navy is having a sale: 50% off of already clearanced items!

Victoria Secret is having a sale: 7 PINK undies for $25


Express is having a sale 60% off a bunch of stuff.

This is what I did last night instead of studying! :)

Maybe you don't have to Window shop!

Rachelle said...

What's your email address? I don't want to post online where I work... just in case I feel like complaining about work. :)