Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Moly I Found It!!!! :-)

I found a vintage hutch that I like for a reasonable price!!!! I found it at a garage sale yesterday! It is definitely from the 1950s. They man who sold it told me that his parents had it before he was born. It was my birthday present (early) from my husband.

Here it is::

So I debated about leaving it it's natural wood color, however, there were quite a few scratches and it wasn't in the best shape. So, I'm in the process of sanding it right now. I HATE sanding! This project took me back to Tech Ed (did you have tech ed in middle school? we did and it sucked!) Anyways, I hate sanding. My whole body aches from leaning over and my arm and hand feel like they may fall off from sanding with sand paper...

I am going to paint it a darker YELLOW color (like the one in my previous post but a little darker I believe). I am so excited for it to be done and to get my vintage Pyrex dishes from my mom when I go home again! ;-) It's going to be just what I wanted!!!

It's perfect with our retro dining room table and chairs as well! ;-)

Stay tuned for the finished product!


Rachelle said...

the yellow will look AMAZING! Will you paint the inside yellow as well? Or like a white? Or some other color?

Kyla Roma said...

Can't wait to see the yellow! Your retro furnature is amazing :)