Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decking the Halls

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. 

Matt and I had a cozy little Thanksgiving dinner/lunch before I headed to work on Thursday. I made a turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn. I have this dream of someday making this huge elaborate Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family. This year, it was turkey breast, stove top and canned corn. Not exciting. Thankfully I have a loving husband that completely loved and enjoyed what we had. He is so easy to please. Not picky at all and totally okay with what we have. I am so thankful for him. *cheesY*

We did some Black Friday shopping yesterday with my aunt, uncle and all my cousins. It was a lot of fun! I am very excited for all the Christmas gifts we've bought so far! We're almost done shopping!

Anyways, this morning I woke up and had some coffee and made Matt some breakfast (and got a little mad that all of my vanilla yogurt is gone when I had an entire unopened box of my favorite granola, but that's besides the point). Matt is taking the GRE again today. poor guy. He has had a busy break. He will probably celebrate being done with the GRE tonight with reading or writing a paper. 

After we watched an episode of bones and at our breakfast, we headed out to the storage and got out the tree and the one box of decorations we have. At home, getting out the Christmas decorations was always so exciting and an all day event. My dad goes to the attic and gets out all 20 some boxes of decorations my mom has and we sift through and look for what we want to get out. So for Matt and I's one box of decorations that fills our 1 bedroom apartment it definitely does not take all day. 

We put up the tree and I put up my nativity. I need to get a few more decorations. I think I will stop at Target and Joann tomorrow for a tree topper, tree skirt and some stocking hangers and some lighted garland! Then it will all be perfect! 

Matt and I have a fantastically awesome idea for our Christmas card this year! I am super excited about it! 

Also, we're having an epic Christmas party this year that I truly cannot wait for!! 

The tree is up and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and Christmas music on the couch before I head to work today. 

Hope you're enjoying the Holiday spirit! I love this time of year! I am ready for all the baking that's about to happen this next month!

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