Saturday, November 5, 2011

Toy Story Cake

A couple months ago, I took my first decorated cake to work for our manager's going away party. My friend Megan saw it and we were talking about cakes. I told her I was taking a cake decorating class in October. I have always taken my baked goods to work so they have all tasted what I've made and always ask for me to bring more. 

Anyways, Megan asked me to make her son's 2nd Birthday cake. She wanted a Toy Story cake made to look like the scene from the movie when all the characters are on Andy's bed. 

I decided to make a sheet cake that looked like Andy's bed and put all the characters on top and put HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER in the same font as the logo for Toy Story 2.  
Megan wanted Marble cake. So that was my first experience. I had never made marble cake. I found the recipe I wanted to use (my grandma told me to use a box mix and I refused! I can't do it. They just don't taste as good!!!) 
So, I had to make a big cake because there was going to be 50 people at the party. So, I borrowed a big pan from a coworker and yesterday I baked the cake parts. I was only going to do 1 sheet cake. When I went to take the cake out of the pan it completely stuck around the edges. I was so frustrated! So, I got over it and started mixing up another batch of batter. I greased that pan and floured it like nobody's business the second time around! I went to take it out of the pan and it came out just fine. So, What to do with the half of the first cake I had?! I came up with the idea to cut the part I could use and put it on top to make the bed part and use the bigger sheet cake as the floor. I made chocolate buttercream icing for the floor part. I used vanilla buttercream for the rest. It turned out so good! There were several other crises along the way, but it turned out great! 
I took it to Megan's house and she and her husband LOVED it! ;-) I was so happy with the end result.  

With the holiday's approaching I think I am going to slow down with the baking for a bit before I get tired of it before the holiday baking season begins! 

I want to do a holiday recipe series this upcoming season. Any interest?!?! Maybe swap some recipes?!??! 


mandyface said...

That cake looks amazing! I'm so impressed! Please do a holiday series' I'd love it!

Kristina said...

That looks great Katy! I'm game for swapping recipes =)

rebecca said...

this cake looks so cool! a kid's dream!!