Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday! 

It's a blustery winter day here in Chicagoland. 
Matt and I have separate plans today. His involve board games with guy friends, mine involve outlet shopping with the girls of the husbands playing said board games. Tonight we plan on eating a good homecooked meal and watching a movie or two cozied up on the couch.

We're soaking up the bits of winter here. We got our first big snow of the winter just a couple days ago. I have a pretty much hate relationship with snow. It's pretty and lovely, yes but mostly it is cold and blustery and I am the type of person always on the go and sometimes the snow prevents me from doing that. 

As the snow lays outside Matt and I can't help but think about what the spring and summer will bring us. Matt will graduate in May with his masters degree (a 4 year masters at that...). He has recently finished all of his applications for PhD programs. We're in the in between right now. We have no idea where we will be in 5 months. As excited as we are for the next phase of life, we're a little bit worried and anxious as well. There are a lot of ifs, whens, what ifs going on in our minds. Right now we're just trusting in God knowing that he has already figured out where we will be next. 
As the snow fell and as I unburied my car yesterday I was voting for Fuller University in California to be where Matt gets in.  Sunshine, sunglasses, sun dresses, sun tans. I think I can be okay with that for a few years (even if it is far far away from our families. Major downfall...).

Happy Weekend everyone! 

Enjoy! ;-) 


Kendra said...

I feel ya on the uncertain future plans. My husband will be graduating with his Masters at the end of this year and we're already looking at the bleak job market and thinking how are we going to make it? It's scary out there but that's where prayer comes in for us :)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Good luck with the PhD program in Cali! Sounds like things are a little unsure right now...but that's always the beginning of the best stories! :)