Monday, January 23, 2012

A little update

 Once again, your Monday is my Saturday. Today has been a great day even though I woke up to the gray clouds and the melting away of the snow from the rain in January. (p.s. last night there was a thunderstorm. In January.) 

I woke up today and took care of some insurance business. Matt had class most of the day today so we spent the early afternoon together and grabbed some lunch at Chipotle. We had the vegetarian burrito and Matt was a little sad that his had no sour cream. Which leads me to the vegan diet update. 

It's been over a week now of no meat, no dairy, no eggs, and we definitely feel better. It has been hard at times. We are big breakfast date people. We had a hard time and we're missing eggs and sausage. We improvised and found Gimme Lean sausage. It's vegetable and soy and it tastes JUST like sausage. So delicious. We mixed it with some hash browns, onions and some salsa and it took away our craving. 

We've enjoyed all the meals we've eaten. To be honest, I do not miss meat at all. The hardest part is the eggs and cheese. I don't miss milk because I thoroughly enjoy soy milk. 

I tired the vegan gourmet soy cheese and it was nasty. I couldn't handle it. 

Matt and I have done a lot of talking lately about the future. We're still up in the air about where we will be in 5-6 months. We've talked about all of our possibilities and back up plans. We know that it is inevitably not in our hands and trust that God has the plan all settled for us. We're trying to trust in that now. It's exciting all at the same time not knowing where in the U.S. we will be in 6 months.

Here's a phone photo dump from today. 

Vegetable stir fry with tofu and jasmine rice. 

Vegan mayo! I made this--- 

Vegan cole slaw!

Matt is in class this evening.

This is what my night has in store for me. 

Netflix, Tazo passion tea, plenty of candles and Trader Joe's dark chocolate. 

Happy Monday!!!!


Kristina said...

Katy, hope all is well out there! I tagged you!

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