Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"That's so annoying!!!!!"

This is just a random post to get some thoughts out there..

So of recent, I've been noticing a lot of my "pet peeves"... I'd like to say that I'm a very patient person... but I won't lie... in some instances, my patience is lacking. These are a few of my pet peeves....
1. Chewing/Chomping

--For some reason, I CANNOT stand the sound of people chewing, or swallowing liquids. Now, I realize that with my career choice, I may come into contact with this every once in awhile. For that reason, I am trying to weene (is that how you spell it? apparently not.. thanks spell checker! --ween-) myself off of this bad pet peeve of mine. I try to be patient. I have realized that the "count to 10" issue is not actually affective. So, I am trying to conquer this pet peeve. ALSO, Chewing with your mouth open! UH! I realize that sometimes it is hard to do, (I confess... I do it myself...) but I just feel like if you're going to say something longer than a few words, CHEW YOUR FOOD! no one wants to see the ABC's "Already Been Chewed" food in your mouth! GROSS!!!

2. Driving on the Interstate in the Fast Lane at 65 MpH.
OKay... so on the interstate, in WV, the Speed Limit is 70. Am I not correct? OKay... well... could someone PLEASE explain to me WHY people want to travel in the left lane "the FAST lane" going BELOW the speed limit? I will never understand this concept. You cannot PASS someone that is going 70.. if you are going 65!!!

3. Blue Tooth Cell Technology
I hate when I see people walking down the street talking, and I ASSUME that they are talking to me, considering both arms are down and their line of vision is in my direction, and they are talking. Then, I see that little nub sticking out of their ear, after feeling like an idiot because I am trying to figure out if you are crazy or I am because you don't look familiar.

These are just a few pet peeves I've noticed lately... if anyone is with me, or has a different opinion.. let me know in my COMMENTS...

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