Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lovin' and Leavin'--Life is FULL of Changes!

Like my title clearly states--life is full of changes! As I lie here on my bed, writing my first blog for many months now, I am sure you have ALL been checking this site every hour of the day waiting for me to update on life.... okay... so I'm dreaming. HAHA!

So, I finished my last semester at WV U and ended up with a 3.6.. the best I've done in college so far! I got 3 A's and 2 B's. So you can Imagine how I felt when my cumulative GPA went from 2.78 to a 2.98 in hopes that when I begin NURSING SCHOOL @ WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYAN COLLEGE IN THE FALL-- yes folks--I
got into Nursing school! I am so excited to go away and get the college experience. I will be living in the dorms and will be a sophomore in the nursing program there.

God has been in charge of this decision 100%. He has blessed me so much and I have learned that trusting in GOD'S TIMING is the most important thing. Let me tell you a little about my journey into getting accepted there...
First, I called the dean of the nursing school there and made an appointment to go speak with her. Mom and I went to meet with her and a financial aid adviser in March or April I believe. The dean was so kind and so understanding of what I have gone through in my adventures of my first 2 years of college and applying to nursing schools and being let down. From that point on I was accepted to the program. (I met all the requirements)... so I applied to the college and got accepted. Both my admission counselors got in touch with me... unlike most colleges where you have to call 3 different people before you get your admission or adviser HE CALLED ME and we talked for 45 minutes. It was so great to get to know him and I began feeling so comfortable in my decision to go to school there.
From this point on I began getting scholarships--I got a $9,000 one for my GPA then a $5,000 scholarship for character and GPA and all that. The money began coming in and I knew God was leading me to WVWC without a doubt in my mind

I am so excited to move on with my life, and yet at the same time... I am so afraid to leave (hence the beginning of the title "lovin' and leavin'") but I know this is what God wants. It is so comforting and exciting KNOWING that you are doing what GOD Wants in your life. For all those people who say you can't know for sure... as much as I doubted it in the past I now know that there outlook is totally misguided. Even though God did not come into my room one night and say "Katy-You will go to WV Wesleyan and you WILL be a Nurse!" I KNOW that this is what He wants because every door has been opened, answering my prayer that this would happen. I am nervous about how hard the program is going to be, I am nervous about having a roommate, I am nervous about leaving home, I am nervous about the Christian community there, I am nervous about love and where it's gonna go, I am nervous about a new place and new situations... but through all that my EXCITEMENT outweighs the nervousness!! :-)

Through all this I have learned patience and trust. Believe me, I am still pretty impatient and I am still learning to enjoy the day that God has blessed me with instead of living for the next chapter, I know that in GOD'S time He will get me to where He wants me to go, and that is an amazing feeling!

Thanks to all those who have been praying for me,.. please continue! God is truly amazing and I am so blessed!


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