Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So while I was home last weekend... I decided to be drastic and I went ahead and got a big change!
But before I show you the new... I'll show you the old!...
This was my hair before....

This is my hair now!!! I LOVE IT! :-)
What do you think?

In other news... this week has been so emotional!!! Sometimes being a girl just really.. well.. sucks. I don't know why but everything just annoys me or makes me cry. It's pretty much ridiculous.

This weekend was also my nieces FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can't even believe it! She is so stinking cute! I just love her to death!
Her pap gave her a HUGE Hershey's Bar! It was pretty much the funniest thing ever! Look at that face! Then they gave her her cake! It was all in her hair and everything. I loved it! You only turn 1 once! LOL!
Also, I can honestly say that this is the second time EVER i have seen my brother that dressed up! He could seriously be a model! LOL! He went to a formal this weekend with his girlfriend.

In other news.... I went to the mall today and Old Navy was having an AMAZING sale! 50% off the clearance price! I got a cute yellow cardigan (seen in the above picture of my new hair) and a tan sweater that is really really cute. Both for $6.00 each. They were both originally $30.00 each!!!! :-) I was one happy camper!

I have so much to read tonight... so I should probably stop blogging and get to reading Pharmacology... LOL!

Until next time.....


Ashley Forrette said...

I need to go to Old Navy, like right now! I love your new hair. I'm thinking about bangs.

Ashley Forrette said...

PS. I got my moccasins at Target. I love them, and they were super cheap! Yay Target!