Sunday, February 3, 2008

Window Shopping... or should I say PC Shopping?!?!

So I have been doing some online window shopping this evening... I just thought I would post some cool things I've come across that tickle my fancy. HEHE!

Number 1.This rug is from I love it! It would look so cute with my comforter and black and white room at home! :-)

Number 2.
My new blogger pal Ashley Forrette
got these cute moccasins and I LOVE THEM! I used to have a pair like these but I wore them out and the pair I have now has a big hole in the right big toe. HEHE! MUST GET THESE!

Number 3.
In my dreams.. LOL! I want the new macbook air (or a macbook in general) so bad! But.. I will keep dreaming.

Number 4.When I shop at it makes me soooo excited to be able to decorate my own house someday! I want one of these! :-) I will live there.. when I'm not in this...
I have slept in a TWIN bed for my entire life! I can't wait to sleep in a BIG PEOPLE BED! :-) hehe

With something like this on it.. maybe??? ....I like it but I'm not sure what a guy would say about it... I have been informed that my house cannot be in all black and white (it's a good thing he said that because if I had it my way it probably would be all black and white with some color accents...LOL!)
or maybe this...
HAHAHA! Just kidding... I do love it though.. i have something with the classic black and white antique/victorian style apparently!

So these were just some of the things I was checking out this evening during the second half of the SuperBowl when I was bored of watching the game all alone.. LOL! Listening to Jack Johnson and some Ray Lamontagne and shopping online seemed like more fun to me! :-)

Also.... I know I'm on weight watchers and all.... but I want to GO HERE!

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