Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

*huge sigh of relief*

I am at home this weekend and man does it feel good

Last week was kind of crazy and hectic. I felt like I went non-stop all week! I had a test on Friday that I studied for all week on top of all the oth
er work I had.

Needless to say... it feels good to be home. I am glad to be away from school for a few days. I love it there... but sometimes it feels so great to come home.

Last night Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day. :-) We went to Olive Garden and watched....Matt bought me the DVD and the Soundtrack!

I absolutely LOVE this movie. (matt's not so much a fan..... but he still watched it with me for the second time! he's such a trooper! :-) )

Today... I got some stuff done that I needed to do. It's been kind of a busy day. I got to hang out with my mom though, and that was great. I took some resumes to some doctor's offices around town, and doing something that I DREAD doing EVERY YEAR!!! That is.... filling out the DREADED, EVIL FAFSA! Did I mention that I absolutely HATE filling that thing out?!?! Such a PAIN!!! UGH!!! Glad I have my mom to help me do that stuff right now.. I don't know what I am going to do when I am in the real world and have to deal with finances and things of that nature all by myself. I am hoping as long as I clean and do all the housework stuff... that Matt will take care of the financial stuff. HAHA! Just kidding...

Tonight my mom made one of my FAVORITE meals. The smell that lingered through the house reminded me of when I was little when she would make it. (sorry for the cheesiness..) She made roast, carrots and potatoes. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!! :-) LOVE IT!!!

We are also babysitting my baby niece right now. She is napping.. otherwise I would not be BLOGGING! LOL! She is so cute! I love her sooooo much!!!

Now.. I am going to do some homework while she naps. I may try to convince my mom to watch Across The Universe with me later tonight. HAHA!


Emery Jo said...

I still have not seen that movie!! Its a crime! I should go rent it.

Ashley Forrette said...

Oh I want to see that movie!!!

I totally love olive garden... :)