Sunday, January 6, 2008

WHEW! Sigh of relief... and now back to the real world!

YAY FOR 2008 and the beginning of a New Year!!!!

Unfortunately... all good things bust come to an end. I go back to Wesleyan on Tuesday morning....

This break has been WONDERFUL! I've got to spend time with my family, friends I haven't seen or talked to in months, Matt and his family... it has just been so great. It was definitely much needed! I love being home.. and yet I love living away from home... it's kind of weird. I don't realize how much I miss home until I've been here awhile or I've been gone for a month or more.

Christmas was fabulous this year. I got some much needed things... a Brita water pitcher, a cell phone car charger, fabulous boots...vera bradley planner, notebook and pencils, cd player alarm clock, an old school SEGA GENESIS WITH SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!! :-) Saved By The Bell, E.R., and Grey's Anatomy seasons on DVD, Ray Lamontagne, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra CDS... and plenty more wonderful things... but the most precious to me was the ring that my parents go for me. There are 3 opals... 2 small ones which were my grandmother (dad's mom) whom I never met. They were her earrings.. and the bigger middle opal was my mom's.. in a necklace. She had all the stones put into a ring setting. The setting is beautiful. It is very antique looking. I LOVE IT!!!Sorry, it's a little blurry...

This break has also been a refresher in my spiritual life... I've been able to sort of take a breather and realize how important God needs to be in my life. He needs to be number one... and I know this... but we all know that being human, sometimes putting God first is not the easiest thing in the world AT ALL! I love that we can have refreshers in our walk with God. That He can just open our eyes and make us realize just how AWESOME He truly is, and just how much we need Him in our lives. He has made me realize that I need to be thankful for TODAY. I have always struggled with that so much. I am always looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Always looking forward instead of just enjoying the moment. I need to enjoy this chapter of my life and realize that God has me here for a reason. He created this chapter and He is in charge. I need to make a difference now instead of wondering and thinking about the future differences I will make. I need to bless the people around me right now, and be blessed by the people in my life right now.
All of this is so easy to type on a blog to the world... b
ut not as easy to live by. I wish it was this easy. I guess it's just a constant issue I need to work on and pray about.

So Tuesday is back to the grind... back to nursing school, working in admissions, piano, friends :-), and studying. I'm actually kind of anxious to get back and get into the routine of things. I started weight watchers on my own and I am anxious to get back and get into an exercise routine at the nautilus everyday and to make more time for God everyday. To see friends and make more new friends.

Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday and a great beginning of a wonderful new year!!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of this holiday season!
My brothers and I on Christmas day... Kraig and Kevin.Kadence lookin' all cute in her Uncle Kevin's hat... she is getting so big! LOVE HER! Kraig, Jamie and Kadence... such a cute little family! :-)
Matt and I on New Year's Eve at Skye's house!

Can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for me!

With Love,


Anonymous said...

Katy. Dad and I are SOOOOOOO proud of the young woman you have become. Having you home for a month has been wonderful (except your messy room) LOL. But it's now time for the next semester. I know you will do your very best, just like the first semester, and the knowledge you obtain will be something you so enjoy even though it's hard.

Keep focused on TODAY and let TOMORROW worry about itself. Today has enough worries of it's own. That's what the scriptures tell us.
We have the POWER through JESUS to do it.

Love and Many prayers, Mom

Rachelle said...

I enjoyed your entry today. Focusing on today and what it brings I think is something we all struggle with. I share in your struggles to put God first in my life on a daily basis. Being 12 years older than you (hate to admit this online) I have some perspective that you don't. I WISH I had lived my life more in this moment. I have memories of time that are so special to me now and I remember that I was so stressed out about them when I was living that moment. That's no way to live life. And so I'm working every day to enjoy my girls now rather than be stressed about Belle acting out or the messy house and think about 10 years from now wishing they were small once again. Good insights. Pray each day for the wisdom, courage and perservance to live it out! Love, Chelle

Ashley Forrette said...

i loooooooooove the boots!