Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the Duration....

Well, I'm back in Buckhannon for the duration of my LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE EVER!!!!

Today is my first day of classes. So far, my first class was only 15 minutes long. I woke up just for 15 minutes?! and at the same time I'm happy I wasn't there for 50 minutes. Love/Hate relationship I guess.

Matt came down to visit yesterday. He's driving back to Chicago today, so I won't see him for 6 weeks. I am planning on going up to visit him over Spring Break (Feb. 26th) and will HOPEFULLY have a job interview or two while I'm there.

I'm starting to get that "wow, I'm graduating college in 4 months and have to be a grown up" feeling. I am SO excited for it though! I am so ready to be an adult and have my own place to take care of, and be a nurse, and be married. But, I have some hurdles to get over before I do all that. I have this last semester, and the national nursing boards after I graduate.

I can do it!!!

I finally got some Christmas pictures uploaded onto my computer. So, here they are (a little late).
Matt and I visiting our friends Skye & Janna before Thanksgiving. My mom and my Grandma--I got them both SNUGGIES! They loved them!
How cute is my grandma?! I love her!

I got a Snuggie as well. I used to think they were LAME, but I have to admit I love that thing.
Also, I NEVER thought I would see the day I was EXCITED About getting a Sweeper for Christmas!

My mom bought my brother, Kevin, and Matt these awesome (sarcasm) hats for Christmas.
It will be perfect for Matt in the windy city of Chicago though. Keep his big ole' head warm! ;-)

I FINALLY finished my mustard yellow scarf right before Christmas! I started it before Thanksgiving! It took me awhile to knit, but I finally finished it and even sewed some cute buttons on the end! I also managed to knit Matt a scarf for Christmas as well! I had a lot of time on my hands the first week home.Basically, this is probably one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. That is my baby niece, Ava. I love her. She's a little peanut isn't she?!?!
This is Kadence, Ava's big sister, A.K.A "Ms. Sassy CooCoo Pants" Adorable. I love her too!!! This is probably one of the top cutest pictures ever as well! This is my cousin's daughter, Belle, and my fiance.... however, Belle seems to think she and Matt are going to be getting married. So she likes to inform everyone that her and Matt are getting married. So funny!

Well, that about sums up Christmas at our place!

In other news, I'm going BACK to the gym starting TODAY! (hopefully). I'm going to be doing WORK IT OUT WEEKENDS with this lovely blog friend-- OVER HERE So we'll see how that goes!

Sometimes I tend to take on too many things at one time. So with school starting again, working out, and the Bible in one year. Those are all important things so I'm trying my hardest to keep up on the extra while focusing on school.

Well, time to run to Wal-Mart to get some notebooks for the semester ahead and then to a 3 hour nursing class.

Bring on the semester!!


Twin XL said...

LOVE the Snuggie photo - so cute :)

Dorm Bedding said...

Awwww...your niece is sooo adorable :)