Saturday, January 30, 2010

Workin' It Out (again....)

Well, this week was alright. I worked out 3 days and one day was REALLY intense. I had such a good work out that day and I felt so good about myself afterwards. I ran 2.5 miles and at a faster speed than usual. Did free weights, tons of crunches/ab ball, and a few of the leg machines.

I actually just got back from the gym and it was NOT a good work out day today. I had a headache going in, so I knew it wasn't going to be great... but I made the most of it and did 1.5 mile walk/jog and then some free weights, ab ball, and some upper body exercises. It wasn't a good day though. I wasn't feeling well....

My food choices haven't been the greatest either. For example, cup of noodles for lunch. It's not even worth the insane amounts of sodium and calories. It's just the only thing I really had in my room and it was a BLIZZARD outside, so I didn't feel like walking to the cafeteria twice (not the best excuse huh?!). Anyways... an okay week nonetheless.

In other news::

Just like myself, it's about that time for me to start FREAKING OUT about the future. This week I have been starting to wonder (okay... worry) about finding jobs in chicago, finding funiture for our apartment, getting an apartment!, passing my boards, and the list goes on....

I know I shouldn't worry about it because more than likely everything will fall into place. I'm sure there will be bumps along the way, but I know in the end it'll be okay. I'm just the type of person that has to freak out about it for awhile. It's not my most favorite trait, but it's me.

Well, on to the homework and then watching one of my friends compete for MISS AMERICA this evening! She's Miss West Virginia-- Talia Markham! Gotta cheer her on! ;-) hehe

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